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Newbie - Day 5 of First Whole30


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This is my very first post in the Whole30 Forum and I am excited to be part of this awesome community!!!


I am on Day 5 of my first Whole30 using the AutoImmune protocols.  I just signed up for the Whole30 Daily a couple days ago and am finding that a very helpful resource.  Yesterday I received the book 'It Starts With Food' and have made reading it a personal growth goal for my whole 30.


I spent last weekend planning meals, grocery shopping and food prepping. Earlier this week I weighed, measured and took photos (blah!).  I mind-mapped a strategy for this journey, journaled my dream, goals and an action plan.


I am feeling pretty terrific at day 5!  Issues I am dealing with include Adrenal Fatigue, Fibro, hypo-thryoid, leaky gut, IBS,  and overweight 50 pounds. So far my lab work has been in 'normal' range although moving to being high for insulin resistance and high blood pressure, etc.  


I know Whole30 and Paleo AI will address many of these issues and provide the nutrients and support for my body to heal on many levels.

In the past 4 years I've been on GAPS and SCD and have gone through extended periods of eliminating gluten, dairy, eggs, etc and do notice a HUGE change in my overall wellness when I am compliant. So many of the strategies of the Whole30 are aspects with which I am familiar.


I love this way of eating, my biggest nemesis is cooking for my husband and children (two still at home) who are not on board with this lifestyle change.  So finding a support system is going to be the key factor in keeping me successful.


Thanks for reading and good luck to all on the Whole30 journey.




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Day 17 and I feel horrible for 4th day in a row.  Have been so strict with the Whole 30 (following AI protocol).  I introduced two days of minimal exercise (20 minutes) last week and still haven't recovered.


I feel the adrenal fatigue is worse now than when I started Whole 30.  Frustrated that I can't find local wellness practitioners to coach me on best lifestyle practices to support my body in healing.  Not sure if I should try to exercise with all the auto-immune stuff going on, or if I just focus on eating nutrient dense food.  


The most challenging thing right now is the exhaustion and lack of appetite.  Initially I was doing great on 3 meals daily averaging 9-10 cups of fresh vegetables, pastured meat and health fats.   Last few days I've been down to broth in the AM, can't face lunch and force myself to eat supper meal.  Thinking the fatigue and lack of focus and clarity is lack of calories.

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Can you post a few days worth of meals, fluids, exercise, sleep and timing of all?  There could be something simple that we can help you with so that you can start to feel better and get the most out of your Whole30.

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I will track the next few days and post.  Thank you ladyshanny.  



Sleep 11:30pm-9:30am (We were at the theatre Saturday night and didn't get back home til 11:15, this is an untypical late night for me.  I like to be in bed by 9:30 and read for 1/2 hour before sleeping).

10:00AM Breakfast Bowl: ground beef, sweet potatoes, carrots, beef/lamb broth

Nauseous and not hungry but made myself eat at 3:30pm: Banana, beef liver, onions, broth, steamed broccoli and fermented carrots/cabbage

730PM Lamb stew with carrots, yam, sweet potato, carrots and parsnip



Sleep 10:00pm-7:00am

7:30AM: Crispy Chicken Livers (Well Fed), 3 cups steamed kale

12:30PM: 6 oz steak & 3 cups steamed broc, caul, carrots drizzle of olive oil (had to eat in restaurant for this meal)

6:30PM: Braised short ribs, caramelized butternut squash, steamed caulk/broc. (Whole 30 compliant recipe)


Sleep last night: 10:30pm-6:30am

8AM  Breakfast Chicken, carrots, celery, onions in hm broth--2 cups

Nauseous and not hungry but made myself eat at 3PM  Curry Chicken (It starts with food) with 3 cups lightly steamed kale/spinach

7:30PM Arctic Char (skin on) & 2 apples sliced 


I use following supplements: Now Enzymes, Thorne Betaine, Pure Encaps Nutrient 950K, Green Pastures FCLO, Calm Magnesium before bed.  And I take  Epsom Salts baths almost daily.


I drink filtered water, organic green tea (usually 1 cup in the AM) and bone broth.  Although, my fluid intake has been down the past couple days as the weather here has been colder.


I have not exercised since Friday because I've felt so tired and yucky.  At first I thought I had the flu as one of our kids missed a couple days of flu, but it feels more like a Fibro flare which I haven't had in a very long time.  Also been having unusually sensitive skin at base of neck and eyelids, as well as itch water eyes, which seems like an allergic response.  


I have many food sensitivities and am wondering if I am now sensitive to something 'new' in my diet that I am eating on a more regular basis.  I am not ready to address FODMAPS, Histamines or salicylates as the transition to Whole30 is a HUGE challenge in and of itself.  I rarely eat fruit, although I have had apple and banana in past couple days.  Typically I stick to berries a couple times a week. I do not snack between meals as I find the large quantities of veggies fill me up (and lately I've had this weird nausea and lack of appetite). I avoid spices *exception is the curry chicken and am wondering if that has set of a flare.


I buy all organic, local veggies and meats are from the supplier who follows Joel Salatin principles (as close as possible living in Canada). 


After posting today I read searched the whole30 site and found the article on 'Six Reasons Why The Whol30 Didn't Work for You' and found several points here that are reassuring and helpful.  http://whole30.com/2012/10/six-reasons-why-the-whole30-didnt-work-for-you/ 


Thanks for any additional insights and support.  Just typing the email today helped me and hearing back from someone is terrific.

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It sure looks like you are trying to get everything dialled in, that's great!  In quickly reviewing your menus, I would suggest that you are extremely low on fat.  Although you may be cooking with fat, most of that stays in the pan and doesn't end up in your belly. Add fat as per the meal template. It is also a bit hard to tell on some of your meals what your volume is, but I would say that you are not eating nearly enough.


Coming to Whole30 from a standard diet generally reduced the amount of calories that you are taking in.  While we are not calorie-focussed when on the Whole30, if you aren't adding enough fat and loading up on veggies and eating solid amounts of protein, you are underfeeding yourself and that can lead to hormone imbalance, nausea, headaches, lethargy.  Our Whole30 foods tend to be less calorically dense (although, of course, more nutritionally dense) so you need to take that into account.


I would suggest for the next week you eat up.  Follow the meal template, experiment with eating more to the middle or higher end of the template rather than the lower end that you've been on.  Repeat as needed.  You want to let your body know that the healthful and nutritious food is in steady supply!


Post back and let us know how you're doing!

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