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Starting my Journey Tomorrow, 11/23/2014


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Hey All, Super excited to be here and to start this journey. I had a good friend of mine go through the Whole30 and she has had amazing results. I am actually not clinically overweight, but I have definitely fallen off the wagon. I gave birth to a beautiful little girl almost two years ago and I just haven't gotten back into the shape I had hope to (I gained about 50 pounds during pregnancy and I have gotten it all off, but my body is completely different). Above all else, I actually am doing this journey more so to have the healthiest lifestyle I can for my family. I have seen so many loved ones and people I know battle diseases that I know may be a culprit of food. My goal is to get as healthy as I can, without going crazy, and also lose weight and feel better in the process. I want to be a model for my family because in the end...health is all that matters. Here are my current stats. I plan to take measurements tomorrow morning.


32 years old, Femal


Current weight: 122

Goals: To get healthy. Have more energy. Sleep better. Lose weight (would love to be around 110)



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