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Aimee's Whole30 Log


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  • Short term - commit with the Whole30 eating plan for 30 days, log each night, reflect on how I feel along the way.
  • Long term - develop a better relationship with food, lose weight, and feel better!

Starting Points....

  • Weight - 167#...yikes!!!


Day 1 begins on 11/22. I know that Thanksgiving is on the horizon, but I need to make this change.


Plan to post my daily eats and how I feel. Looking for any and all support.


I really need to stick with this as I have done it before and quit before I saw real results!! 

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I can really relate. Day one was 11/22 also...looking forward to this journey. I will be keeping an eye out for your posts. So far I seem to be dealing with headaches other than that life is good. I am sooooo tired of doing well for awhile and then something comes up and I blow it. Hopefully coming to this forum everyday will keep me on track this time.

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Day 1

Meal 1 - 3 scrambled eggs, onions and mushrooms

Meal 2 - master recipe beef (1 cup) with steamed broccoli, red pepper strips, and a T of Tamari. 

Meal 3 - had a snack of raw cashews and two slices of turkey breast

Meal 4 - salad with avocado, chicken breast, grape tomatoes, and vinegar


Was getting hungry about 2pm, so I ate the handful of cashews and the turkey. Otherwise feel good. I made a lot of food to make the week easier to manage. Looking forward to this adventure!!  :) 

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Day 2 - already not off to a good start. Had a chili-cook off at work and tried to avoid then fell victim to it. I need to avoid better...


Meal 1 - 3 eggs

Meal 2 - chili 

Meal 3 - handful of cashews, an avocado, 7 slices of salami (not a whole 30 food, I know)

Meal 4 - sweet potatoes (not feeling good about my setback)


Tomorrow I need to regroup and try again.

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