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Undiagnosed neurological disorder


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I was not sure where to post this and since I am a lady ;) I decided to post it here. Are there any ladies that have completed a Whole30 for a "brain related" issue? I have completed the Whole30 successfully two times and to be 100 percent honest it was mostly due to weight and sleep issues (sleep issue resolved!).  I wish I could say it was not mostly weight, but it was. I am going to attempt to complete a Whole90. Why? This time... not for weight. My grandmother, father, aunt, uncle and now myself have an undiagnosed neurological disorder.... no doctor can tell us what exactly it is. My grandmother, for most of her life they blamed it on her being an overindulged stay at home mom who was spoiled, bored and eventually became angry about it. At the very end of her life a doctor finally diagnosed her with "something". My dad's symptoms were blamed on a childhood stutter. Then one Christmas... my aunt and uncle admitted they had the same symptoms and we put the whole thing together. When I was about 28, I started showing symptoms (same age as they all did). Doctors really shrug their shoulders at it. We "lose" words mid-sentence, insane brain fog, we leave out the middle of sentences without realizing. There are some words we cannot pronounce correctly even though we KNOW how they are suppose to sound. (Ask me to say fidelity and it comes out "FIEdelity" no matter how hard I try to say it correctly). I am a smart girl, and I cannot tell you how many times I have written "of" as "ov" and sit their perplexed for five minutes as to why spellcheck is flagging it. I only know I have done it when I say something and the person looks at me with either confusion or sadness depending on if they know about it.  To show how seriously I take this, I decided not to have children in fear I would pass it on. I had to change careers because I was in training and I was afraid one day I would not be able to handle my job.

I now wonder if the Whole30 can be more for me. I never sadly put two and two together that it might be able to assist. I really started to think about it when I realized that all of us that struggle, we have an incredible sweet tooth. My grandmother lived off of cookies, andies candies and cigarettes. My dad and I have never met a carb or sweet we were not in love with. I am an admitted Diet Coke addict. Oh and my grandfather? He was a milkman and we all grew up with free dairy.  So this is my start.... Half of me feels like a kid at Christmas... excited to see what happens. The other side of that is I am partly terrified that now that I have had this lighbulb moment, that maybe.... there will be no change. The worst that can happen is that I feel healthier and know that I tried..... :unsure: 

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You are correct on all fronts but Have No Fear.    Be Brave.


Fear hinders our thought processes.  


There is nothing to fear about improving our quality of eating 100%.    What's fearful...is looking backward to the years when we feasted on ....


pizza.jpg   This is fearful and frightful.....



Pile+of+junk+food.jpg     Jamie-Oliver.jpg










This is not fearful...







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