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Shannon's Whole30 #2


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My second kick at this starts tomorrow. Thought I could do it without support the first time around and I believe that contributed to my failure. I KNOW how good I look and feel when I'm successful on Whole30 and I want to get that feeling back!!

My scale is at work (failed Weight Watchers group) so measurements will be posted tomorrow morning.

Starting weight: 158.8 lbs (What. The. Hell.)
Starting pant size: 12 (this is a gues-timate but I'm pretty sure I'm in the ballpark)

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Welcome. Could I make a suggestion? You might want to soften your language. Instead of saying that you failed weight watchers, maybe you could say "Weight Watchers didn't work for me". Also be kind to yourself during this process because there will be some days when you eat nuts and fruit all day and feel like a failure. You are not and don't give up. Take a deep breathe and make a commitment to eat whole30 compliant for the next meal or next day. You can do it.

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Day 2

Breakfast - Breakfast sausage, fresh veggie juice, grapes

Lunch - Baked chicken thighs, spring mix salad, carrots, cashews

Snack - Roasted turkey slices

Dinner - Ground beef with onions, celery and mushrooms

An overall busy day at work - worked right through to lunch. I was hungry but not ravenous so it tasted delicious. I was offered a couple of chocolates from my boss' boss but managed to give them away to a couple of nearby coworkers. Yay me!

My veggie juice for breakfast is a mix of fresh kale, spinach, pineapple and oranges and is made fresh at Loblaws / Fortinos in a small size ($4.99) and a large ($8.99) in the Produce department. Highly recommend!

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Day 3

Breakfast - Dijon Pork Breakfast Skillet with veggie juice

Lunch - Chicken thighs, carrots, grapes, cashews

Snack - Roasted turkey slices, cashews

Dinner - Ground beef with onions, celery and mushrooms (spiced with garlic, pepper and coconut aminos)

Worked at home today plus it was cleaning lady day so it was a busy day all around. Got rid of any residual bad foods today and felt a sense of relief that I won't have to deal with that anymore. Figured if I don't bring it into the house from now on, it won't get eaten.

Been feeling good so far - although I'm sleepy much earlier so I figure that's normal. No massive cravings or anything but I'm back to reading It Starts With Food so I can remember what to expect.

Purchased both Well Fed cookbooks last night online so they should be here by early next week. So excited to expand my horizons and taste buds with new recipes.

Going on a business day trip out of town so all I have to really take care of is lunch which I will work to make compliant. My travel mates are of the non-compliant sort but I can work around that.


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Day 4

Breakfast - Pork sausage, veggie juice, baby carrots

Lunch. - Kelsey's Sonoma Salad with Grillled Chicken (no feta cheese and dressing on side)

Dinner - Swiss Chalet Heart Healthy Meal (1/4 chicken breast - no skin / no bone with garden salad no dressing), cashews

Busy day out of town for day trip for biz. Managed to deal with restaurant lunch pretty good. I also think I've got my boss' boss on board to do a Whole30. I'm lending him my ISWF book and will help with whatever questions he has. I've become a recruiter! A co-worker said "Thats not sustainable!" and when I told him to back it up, he couldn't do it. I dislike those who know nothing but say everything!

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Day 5

Meal 1 - Dijon Pork Breakfast Skillet

Meal 2 - Garden salad with grilled chicken, almonds (small amount of balsamic dressing)

Meal 3 - Baked chicken thighs (seasoned with coconut aminos, garlic powder, parsley, pepper, red chili flakes), crispy oven baked sweet potato fries

I've decided to try associating with Meals rather than the standard Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner. Not sure why but I think it's because Im now viewing food as meals rather than the time of day I'm eating them and what I'm eating during those meals. Some friends think I'm strange for eating pork skillet for breakfast ("you eat what for breakfast?!") but whatever - I'm doing this for me and not for them. As long as I'm getting my protein / veggies / healthy fat, you can call it whatever you want. :D. Plus, my love for sweet potato fries (baked, of course) continues to grow....mmm....

I woke up cranky and it didn't let up until I left work. My stress is entirely related to work but I am managing to not react to it with eating. And for me, that is a HUGE hurdle. Old me would have gone to the vending machine and popped a mortgage payment into it for relief. But today was different. Instead, I put my coat, scarf and gloves on and went for a walk around the block. I came back calmer and feeling satisfied. Yay me!

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Day 6

Meal 1 - Chicken thighs / sweet potato fries - last night's leftovers

Meal 2 - Breakfast sausage with carrots and cashews

Meal 3 - Pork chop, roasted baby potatoes, spinach with baby red lettuce

My Well Fed cookbook arrived yesterday (woo hoo!) so I spent last night poring over it, trying to take it all in. It is my new favorite read (second is Yes Please by Amy Poehler - funny!). I went to the grocery store early this morning and got a much larger order than normal in the hopes of incorporating some of the suggestions and notes in the book. I thought about how much healthy eating costs and I'd have to say that it was costing me more to eat badly through fast foods / restaurants than my grocery tally today. Interesting ponder....

Looking at the past few days menus, I need to beef up the veggies and fats during some meals. I will have to pay attention to this a little more carefully as I move into next week. It's not that I'm afraid of fats but it's making sure I use them at all. This will be my goal for Week 2.

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Day 7

Meal 1 - Dijon Pork Breakfast Skillet (with celery, zucchini, mushrooms), veggie juice, apple

Meal 2 - Pork chop with roasted baby potatoes, carrots, sunflower seeds

Meal 3 - Chocolate Chili, spinach salad, grapes

One week in!!

I spent the morning doing alot of prep work for this week's meals. Baked chicken thighs, chocolate chili (wow this is amazing!!), portioning and freezing pork tenderloin, Slap Chopping my veggies - it was a great morning! And I had a ton of energy to do it and keep going with my weekly chores. Woot!

I love reading the forum and other Whole30 blogs. I am finding inspiration from those who are on the same journey and understanding their struggles. I see a lot of myself in almost everyone on here and it's comforting to know I'm not alone.

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Day 8

Meal 1 - Dijon Pork Breakfast Skillet (man, I love this!), veggie juice

Snack - Apple (nice crunchy Royal Gala)

Meal 2 - Chocolate Chili, spinach and greens, carrots, almonds

Meal 3 - Chicken thighs, roasted potatoes, spinach and greens, sunflower seeds on salad

Had a meeting right after lunch, and the old me would have nodded off about 20 mins in. Today, the new me tried to nod off but to no avail. I did not feel the usual post-lunch fatigue which I'm so happy about. I was alert and full of energy this afternoon which felt terrific.

A new rec centre opened in my neighbourhood on the weekend so today on my way home, I stopped by for a tour and signed up for a fitness membership. There are fitness classes in the evening and the great part is that it's within walking distance. My first day will be tomorrow for a test drive of the treadmill and elliptical machines. Oh yeah! I'm so excited to get moving again!

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Day 9

Meal 1 - Dijon Pork Breakfast Skillet (forgot to take out something, last night), veggie juice

Meal 2 - Chicken thighs, roasted potatoes, carrots. grapes

Meal 3 - Sautéed beef with celery, red pepper, onions, snap peas seasoned with coconut aminos and garlic powder

Last night, I fell asleep on the couch around 730 pm. I woke up at 900 pm and instead of doing the logical thing and go to bed, I went to the other end of the couch and fell back asleep. Woke up at 1000 pm and finally went to bed. This morning, I woke up at 500 am (my normal time) but felt like I could have kept going. I felt droopy all day and even now, I'm drowsy. I'm hoping this passes quickly....

I am using coconut oil more in my meal prep and it's tasty. Tonight I used 2 tbsp for my stir fry and I love the way it makes my veggies taste. I have found my new favorite cooking tool... :D

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Day 13 (Part One)

It's been a crazy couple of days but I've managed to stay on track. I have been dog tired for the last few nights as seen above but also last night. Fell askeep around 730 PM and woke up at 11 and then went to bed. Woke up at 330 am - because now I've had my 8 hours of sleep. I think part of this trend is exhaustion from work and I think part of it is Whole30 related. I don't expect it to get much better leading up to Christmas as it's going to be a busy time at work but as long as I stay eating as I should, I know I will be fine.

I haven't posted my meals for the last 2 days but I have made sure they are compliant. I want this Whole30 #2 to be one that becomes the lifestyle rather than just a 30 day experiment. BTW, a friend called it an experiment - I almost laughed in his face.

The notorious sugar dragon made an appearance yesterday at work when a friend left a bowl of brightly wrapped chocolates outside her office. I did not indulge but I did take a big, long sniff at the bowl and man, did it smell awesome! And then last night, I was craving salty pretzels from a local retailer. But, I managed to suppress getting off the couch and heading out in the questionable weather to satisfy a temporary craving. Yay me!

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Day 13 (Part Two)

I'm not sure why but my pretzel craving won't go away. So instead of caving, I thought I would distract myself by writing about it. I've had a great day food wise, even though my day didn't start off generally well (bank account problem, lost my favorite glove somewhere at the grocery store). I noticed the pretzel craving came when I was lazing around watching The Bourne Supremacy. My entire life I have always snacked when watching movies or when I'm bored. And today was no different.

I was not particularly hungry mind you but out of pure habit, I wanted to snack. And right now, it's that in-between time for lunch / supper so I'm still working out how to address times like these. It's only Day 13 and it occurred to me that one Whole30 may not be sufficient to deal with keeping the sugary / salty dragons at bay. And I'm OK with that.

Daily food journal to follow soon....

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Day 13 (Part Three)

Meal 1 - Bacon, veggie juice

Meal 2 - Grilled pork chop, roasted sweet potatoes, carrots

Meal 3 - Grilled pork chop, roasted sweet potatoes, spinach / greens mix, sunflower seeds

SO happy I didn't give into my pretzel craving. It's not just a physical craving but cravings play with your mental being as well. I know that if I had caved and bought the pretzels, I would have regretted it from bite # 1. But since I didn't, I had a great dinner and now feel satisfied. :D.

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Welcome. Could I make a suggestion? You might want to soften your language. Instead of saying that you failed weight watchers, maybe you could say "Weight Watchers didn't work for me". Also be kind to yourself during this process because there will be some days when you eat nuts and fruit all day and feel like a failure. You are not and don't give up. Take a deep breathe and make a commitment to eat whole30 compliant for the next meal or next day. You can do it.

Thank you for your timely advice, this afternoon has been a fruit and nut kind of day but your words resonate and give me motivation. :D

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Due to work stress, I want to give up and stick my head into a bag of pretzels with a side of chicken wings. I don't care about Whole9, Whole30, WholeWhatever at the moment. All I can see is bad-for-me foods and I know they are bad for me. I know how I will feel if I eat those foods and right now. I don't care. I know this feeling is temporary but it doesn't make a difference.

I'm going to have a shower - maybe that will take my mind of it. And yes I know it's 2:34 pm....sigh....

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Well, it's been a TOUGH couple of days. Fighting with cravings and stress has never been my strong suit. But I'm working on it day by day, hour by hour - that's all I can really do. I envy those who can look at a favorite food and have the strength to walk away. This is where I struggle; lately, it's been daily.

I am on Day 18 and if I can just stay on track just a little longer, I know it will be worth it. I have already made a plan to start another Whole30 starting January 1 so I'm goal planning already. Admittedly, I have not been a big user of the journals and goal stuff in ISWF but more and more, I am leaning to use them. I mean, seriously, what do I have to lose?

Further to my previous post, I went to the fridge and found leftover Dijon Pork Breakfast Skillet and scarfed that down. I then went out and bought a pair of ice skates, new winter gloves and finally, veggies at the local grocery store.

Day 18

Meal 1 - 2 eggs scrambled, 3 slices bacon (not so great but a big snowstorm put a small wrench in my original plan)

Meal 2 - Ground beef with veggies, side of raw spinach, baby carrots, cashews

Meal 3 - Crispy Italian Chicken Thighs, roasted potatoes, side of raw spinach (LOVE raw baby spinach)

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Unfortunately I was not able to resist temptation this weekend. I went to a fundraising Christmas party on Friday night and it was temptation from the get-go. I felt the effects of my cheating almost instantly. In my head, I didn't freak out but I decided I had made a choice (albeit an unwise one). Moving onto Saturday - knowing I had already tripped the night before, I started out the day on a high note with a great compliant breakfast. Cut to lunch - a friend took me out to a restaurant for my birthday and behold didn't even think about consequences. Geez - I fell fast and hard...wow...

It is now Sunday and it's my birthday. I have had a chance to grocery shop for the week and kept to a compliant shopping list. I've prepped and planned for completely compliant menu of meals for the week. I've also had a chance to reflect on what has transpired this weekend. In my head, I know I can stay on track. I have done it once before. I know how I feel when I stay on track and the positive things that happen over the course of 30 days including no acid reflux, no indigestion, better sleep, less headaches, improved mood, more energy, and all of the unseen positives that happen. So I have decided that I will continue my Whole30 #2 unofficiallly for the next 9 days and then start from scratch on January 1. I will continue to be compliant for the next 9 days even though that breaks the rules and any benefits are a moot point, I just want to finish for me.

For the record, it completely sucked when I indulged on the weekend. That feeling should and will be the point of reference for all future temptations. I love this blog and will continue to post my progress for the next 9 days.

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