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Dude...Simple Homemade Guac


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Okay, so I've found myself throwing together some fairly, ahem, odd combinations of food to hit the template. For lunch today I had some stew (chuck full of veggies and beef), but I was going to be a bit lacking in the fat department. I was sick of topping everything with avocado and I've sworn off nuts for a bit.


I was standing in my kitchen pondering 5:00am when it hit me: guac. I'm allergic to tomatoes and garlic, so I just smashed together an avocado with some lime juice, sea salt, onion powder and a tablespoon of coconut milk. It discolored just slightly by lunch, but not too bad. I cut up some jicama and dipped it in it. So. Freaking. Good.


And so simple!

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