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Whole 30 starting 26 November!


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I am starting tomorrow and I can't wait to commit for 30 days (including Christmas day!) to improving my health, my attitude towards myself and to getting some control back over the way I eat.  I'm still breastfeeding my nearly 4 month old but my milk is well established and being able to eat sweet potato will help keep my supply steady.


This is my commitment post.


I commit to doing this for 30 days.

I commit to not letting other people distract me during the 30 days.

I commit to not weighing myself for 30 days.

I commit to also exercising each day for 30 days.

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Thanks!  First morning and success - no milk, no coffee.  I was really worried about my morning coffee and giving up milk.  Inordinately worried about it, which seems silly, but it was the one thing that would stop me from doing this.  I toyed with the idea of just having that morning coffee but I know that this is a slippery slope and it means I won't be doing it properly.  It's just 30 days and I can do it.  And I will do it!  Eggs are boiling away, all is good so far.

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