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Mo rothar féin


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Day 5 MRF#2

No pics today, my lunch & dinner were a bit "slop on a plate" looking , even though they tasted good :)

7.30am - egg loaf & black coffee

Then ran errands, got dinner going in slowcooker and made this for desert tomorrow - my brother & his family are coming over for dinner. It's total swypo, with flies down!

12.30pm - green leaves & avo with balsamic dressing & bolegnase

Then down to my friends home gym to test out my 1RM deadlift, got to 85kg (187lbs) which was my goal (bodyweight x 1.5) but could do no more, and my form needs work so not as awesome an experience as I'd hoped but hey I'll take it :)

Had another black coffee there (before going for the 85!)

4pm - banana & almond butter

6pm - Tom's butter chicken, & mashed cauliflower, this was really yummy!

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No pics today, my lunch & dinner were a bit "slop on a plate" looking , even though they tasted good :)

This is why I don't take pictures. I so often end up with a gnarly-looking (but delicious!) "meal in a bowl" concoction.

That chicken recipe is going on my list of things to make soon. Yum!

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Day 6 MRF#2

Another no pics day, sorry folks!

7am - egg loaf, black coffee

10.30am - My brother rang to say they couldn't make it tonight because sil is sick :( bummed about it, was loooking fwd to it AND I'd spent the morning cleaning AND I'd bought all the food, made desert etc

11am - yoga class.

12.30pm - what's in the fridge?? some sliced roast beef, seranno ham, saurkraut, avo, mayo, bit of bolegnase. You can see why no pic huh?

followed by a bit of "fat tuesday" dish of mango & coconut butter.....and a black coffee .....and 30g bar Montezuma's dark choc.

5.30pm - As dinner plans had changed I had to make do with what I had on hand as I really didn't want to go to shops again. We had the chicken wings I was planning to serve as starter - they turned out great - first I boiled them, then baked them, then coated them in a mix of Franks hot sauce & butter, then baked them again, then coated them again! Just not enough of them!

I threw a half butternut squash in the oven too but unfortunately it wasn't done in time - so I had 3 chicken wings and a pile of steamed brocolli :mellow:

I was a good mammy and made pancakes (trad. over here on Shrove Tuesday) for kids & dh but didn't have any myself, I was looking at a paleo version but couldn't be bothered, had enough "treats" today as it is!

Will prob have a mini-meal later as I doubt my tiny dinner will do me for long.

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Oh you're a harsh mistress Missy! Looks so innocent with her cute pink nails but cracks the pic whip! :lol:

7am - egg loaf & black coffee

9.30 - Circuits class , first time trying this and I gave it sox. Like BL (almost) puking effort! And I used the same db's as the men, hard as nails baby!

Afterwards I treated myself to a Missmary special :) (ha ha that sounds saucy!) - jacuzzi > cold shower > steamroom > cold shower > sauna > cold shower and repeat. Felt very relaxed and very very clean after!

11am - black coffee & a banana. In bed, watching BL on laptop.

12.30pm - made a crepe style omlette and stuffed it with a mix of brocolli, squash, serrano ham & last dregs of mayo.

And here comes a pic!!!!


6pm - my bro & sil & nephew over for dins :) Totally forgot to take pics :ph34r: We had kale crisps when they arrived, then roast lamb & veg - they had potatoes & peas, I had butternut squash & we had mushrooms too.

I should have taken a pic of the treats all looking pretty on my cake stand, darn it. 2 left for my weekly tea date with my friend tomorrow.

This will give you an idea. They were really yummy!


Oh and exciting news, my sil is giving me her dehydrator! I'm super excited.!!

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Happy Valentines Day my lovelies :wub:

8am - lie-in because kids are on mid-term break. egg loaf, avo, black coffee

10.30am - black coffee & 1 square 85% Lindt

12.30pm - the fridge on a plate - roast beef slices, serrano ham, hb egg, saurkraut, avo and some mustard love :)


3pm - black coffee & banana almond sweetness square!

6pm - total off roading - chinese takeaway - spicy chicken wings & crispy duck pancakes, followed by some super loving from my sweethearts.


and just for laughs (and, no, not for a Ferarri)


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Evening all :)

8.30am - 2 boiled eggs, 2 slices serrano ham, apple & sunbutter (iherb order arrived on Wednesday :) ) black coffee

11am - yoga class. Sub teacher - not as much of a workout but got my stretch on for sure.

12.30pm - egg loaf, half an avo.

4.30pm - was in town with dd so treated myself to a cappucino & a 70% truffle

5.30pm - zuchinni carbonara, couldn't find my julienne peeler so did papardelle style ribbons. Used parmesan & non-comp bacon.

Egg scrambled a bit, the cast iron holds the heat too well.


Will have some mango & coconut butter soon.

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Sunbutter - It's yummy, you can get Carleys brand of sunflower seed butter here but it's not as smooth and creamy. It's raw whereas the sunbutter is roasted so a diff flavour too.

I get the Artisana coconut butter - dangerously delicous.

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Evening all, hope everyone is having a good weekend.

So dh & ds were out most of the day, ds was racing at the Dublin Indoor Championships, 600m today. He did great, came 2nd in his heats, and 4th overall, narrowly missing a place in the national finals, darnit.

Look at the determination!


8.30am - 2 boiled eggs, slice of serrano ham, and a black coffee , I trained dd how to use the Nespresso machine, score!

10.30am - Jillian Michaels Shed & shred, level 1. Omg drippin!

12.30pm - total boldness, myself & dd went to the local café and had a fry - bacon, sausage egg, and toast! and coffee. No apparent ill effects, even from the white crappola bread.

6pm - starter of spicy chicken wings (that's not just my portion!) followed by sweet potato chunks, marinated steak, and a yummy veg side of green beans, cherry toms & spinach with balsamic & garlic - couldn't finish it all so nice breakfast lined up! and wine


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What a determined boy!

I want all of those wings. If I took them and squeezed them, I could fit them on my palm. Or Incredible Hulks palm. Either way works. :0)

maybe if you took all the bones out you could fit more in a palm :)

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8am - black coffee, 2 boiled eggs, 1 slice seranno ham, 1 apple + sunbutter

11am - mug of lamb broth I made from Wednesdays joint

12.30pm - leftover veg from last night, white pudding, bacon, fried egg. black coffee


Made my egg loaf for the week - a bit wet, prob the zuch.

4pm - another apple & sunbutter! Mug of Roobios tea

Going out to dinner with my best friend who is over from UK tonight so will prob eat off plan, and will definitely drink wine :) Here's the menu

Tomorrow I start this 8 week health & fitness challenge from another forum I frequent. So no more Lindt :blink:

Boards Better Body Super Challenge

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Those wings would TOTALLY be one portion for me. and I am so NOT kidding.

The picture of your son is precious! When he is old enough to drive and wants to use the car, show this to him and remind him of when he used to like to run everywhere. ;)

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Terrible nights sleep - alcohol really messes up my sleep, but moreso when it's combined with a meal out. I don't get the same effect when I have a few glasses at home with dh in front of the tv at the weekend.

7.15am - new egg loaf - very substantial batch! & black coffee

8.15am - GYM New Rules of Lifting for Women (NROLFW) day 1 + tm intervals

10.30am - large skinny cappuccino & banana at café with friend. Also bought myself a new top, from a real shop, not the charity/thrift shop!!

Because I'm worth it :)

12.30pm - sweet potato, spinach, mashed avo, bacon


3pm - apple & sunbutter, 500ml roobios tea, 2 jarred figs.

5.45pm - roast potatoes & brocolli with red onion & garlic and "Oh man brisket!"

Kids loved the brisket, I found it tasty but very salty. Though a squirt of spicy mustard helped. Dh did not like.

7ade6d3e79f211e2974222000a1fbdac_6.jpg9a94779079f211e2b82c22000a1fbca3_6.jpg6aed215879f311e2928c22000a9f3092_6.jpg <seconds were had :)

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