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Mo rothar féin


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S, I always say if it's worth saying something it's worth saying it 5 times :P

So today....

8.15 am - 2 boiled eggs, apple + sunbutter, black coffee

1.30pm - egg loaf

6pm - cooked nice (but not compliant) dinner for me and dh - my 2 poor guys spent the day at a freezing cold athletics track. We had (M&S dine for two) pepper crusted pork loin, parmentier potatoes and caesar style green veg. And wine! I passed on the dessert in favour of mixed berries (heated from frozen) and vanilla coconut cream.

Going to veg in front of fire with kids & movie now.

Have a good evening all xx

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Today I bring you a most important website for next month


So Sunday went somethinng like this...

8.30am - 2 boiled eggs, Serrano ham, black coffee

11am - another coffee

12.30pm - avocado (with zesty ranch) half a big sweet potato with butter, tinned sardines with lemon juice. Followed by apple & sunbutter


Did I make a pig of myself I ask you?


6pm - Swiss Lisa's Chicken Catchy-whatsit I reduced the cooking time to 30 mins and the chicken was still a bit overdone...but tasty nonetheless, used non-c bacon, served on cauli mash (with butter)


Enjoy the last hours of the weekend guys.

ETA Just had to show ye this great pic taken yesteray of ds giving it sox, in the snow! at the Dublin Indoor Championshionships as part of the clubs relay team


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So todays happenings

Feeling anxious & grouchy today (pms) :angry:

7.15am - I "poached" 2 eggs in the leftover cattiatore sauce from last nights dinner. Very tasty! Black coffee


9.30 GYM , got up to 18kmph (=11.19mph) on last tm interval, the fastest I've ever done, just for 20 seconds mind you!

11am - black coffee

12.30pm - salad with zesty rach, saurkraut, some leftover sweet potato, and 3 slices of serrano ham wrapped around avocado slices.


3.30pm - tray of salt & vinegar kale chips, half a banana + scrape of sunbutter.

Busy afternoon - marinated beef for jerky, made ghee, soaked nuts to dehydrate tomorrow, made egg loaf for the week


Forgot to take photo of dinner - sweet potato fries, brocolli, pork burgers.

Will just have time to clean the kitchen , do dishes etc before I go to an internet safety seminar in ds' school. sigh. I'd love to sit outside in the car on my phone & just get the notes off someone. There better not be any role-playing malarky because I am NOT in the humour!

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hey di ho whole9'ers

7.15am - egg loaf & black coffee

10.30 - black coffee, 3 dates & 6 almonds

11am - yoga

12.30pm - made some romesco sauce, smoked mackeral, spinach with zesty ranch, half avo, saurkraut


3.30 pm - crunchy nuts & jerky from dehydrator

5.45pm - forgot to take pic again! tray bake of marinated (lemon, garlic & thyme) lamb pieces , carrots, parnips, brocolli & baby potatoes

Off to a market rearch panel this evening on......frozen pizza!! I'll just bluff it all based on memory, need the €'s!

Very low mood & feeling down on myself again today, I hope once my period arrives I'll feel a bit happier :(

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Hey there girls & boys,

The eagle has landed & mood is better :) Still feeling fattymcfatty though. So much that I didn't bother getting "dressed" today and when I picked up kids from school in my trackie bottoms & hoodie ds told me I looked like a man! Nice one son, thanks!

7.15am - egg loaf & black coffee

8.15am - GYM

10.30am - black coffee, banana + sunbutter. In bed! watching Biggest Loser - my decadent treat :) and a lil nap too

12.30pm - much the same lunch as yesterday but I mised it all up so a salad of spinach, smoked mackeral,avo, some almonds, with zesty ranch dressing. Serving of romesco sauce & saurkraut too.

3pm - boiled egg & few pieces of jerky, 500ml mug of slim-maté tea.

6pm - Bought a pre-prepped Jamie Oliver bbq spatchcocked chicken - pretty good ingredient list for a "processed" product but there's sugar & rapeseed oil in the marinade so not-compliant. Tasted very good though.

I also attempted nom nom paleo's fried potatoes but they didn't work out, should have used a bigger pan, but they tasted great, after all duck fat why wouldn't they?

Served with roasted cabbage, with a bit of red pepper thrown in.


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Hey di hey

7.15am - egg loaf & black coffee

10.30am - black coffee

12.30pm - 2 eggs scarmbled in ghee with hot smoked salmon & spinach, some avo & saurkraut on the side

3.30pm - decaff coffee, few bits of jerky dunked in romesco, 6 almonds

5.30pm - minced beef fried up with spicy sausage seasoning, leftover cabbge from last night, and some grated sweet potato, topped with ghee fried egg - cheap & tasty! I got a double yolk! doesn't that mean good luck?


I think I'll have frozen berries & coconut milk later....and some red bush tea.

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