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Mo rothar féin


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Thursday is the new Friday when you're heading in to a 4 day weekend :)


8am - Which came first? 2 boiled eggs, some leftover roast chicken, mayo

9am - JM 6 week 6 pack level 1

Father in law came up to hang some new curtains for us, but it seems we shouldn't put them up as the wall are so damp :( crappy old house :( So now we have to shell out money we don't have to get insulated palsterboard which he & dh will put up (and they are not experts so I can only imagine what the finished job will look like!) and dh will probably spend his days off doing this :( Booo! So wanted to crack open my Easter bar of green & blacks after this news, but did not

12.30pm - leftover stuffed zuch and veg from last night. black coffee.clementine

3pm - decaff cm coffee & banana

5.45pm - no pic as I was putting music on phone....it looked nice though - better than it tasted!

Mustard marinated pork chops, mixed green veg, roast baby potatoes, more mayo!

Sadly the chops were over cooked and dry and you couldn't taste the marinade (which tasted yummy when I made it btw) off them at all, despite a 4hr steeping. Dissapointing.

Will have some apple & almond butter later.

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todays happenenings

8.30am - seranno ham, 2 boiled eggs, mayo & some leftover green veg from last night

Rest day from JM torture!

1pm - 3 sausages! yay found compliant sausages in M&S & a fried egg

3pm - cup of tea and a banana

6pm - bolegnase on zoodles, grated cheese.

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Well I caved earlier today and opened my bar of 85% Green & Blacks and have been nibbling away all day :ph34r:

9am - 2 chipolatas + 2 boiled eggs, black coffee

10.30am - Jm 6week6pack, level 2 omfg :huh:

1.30pm - avocado with zesty ranch, 2 slices serrano ham, 2 hb eggs with mayo, black coffee

4pm - decaff cofee & cocoa orange nakd bar

6pm - lemon, radish & mushroom chicken wowsers, really good! who would have thought ? cooked radishes?!

had it with roast baby potatoes and sugar snap peas & a large glass of Merlot


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I wish I had put some effort in to doing something special for today - we're all sitting around with nothing to do and no foood in, dh just found one of the few supermarkets open today and got lunch - incl a crusty baguette that is sorely tempting me...and you know I've already had some of the kids easter eggs and a chunk of Toblerone.

Got my period, and a cold and am fed fed fed up. Dh spent the morning bugging me with "well what are we going to do today, we just can't sit around all day" but now he seems perfectly happy to do just that!

moany easter bunny here :D

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Dry but cold.

Ate completely off plan today, thai takeaway for dinner and cadburys chocolate....I blame the menses monster, she makes me do crazy things....

I also cleared out a bookshlef (see madness aabove) - including a folder full of recipes & articles torn out of magazines, Weightwatchers recipes, articles on detox, 7-day weight loss special menus yada yada - all in recycling bin!

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Yeah, that monster, stupid hormones.

Your day is like 99% of my co-workers' "healthy day". They think Thai is healthier dinner option - we call it doing crazy things. Pretty funny. I hope you are not feeling too bad about it and well done on some spring cleaning.

Tomorrow will be better!

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Lol. Yeah what a nightmare diet. However, it did work, I made a few good friends (Jhmomi for one), AND best of all it's how I discovered Paleo and then W30. We even had a paleo group thread on the MF site. The MF execs had to have hated us. :) Snort.

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Yes much better. Taking a tour of a small farm whose CSA I am joining. Eggs and pastured chickens too. Hoping the farmer will know of a beef and lamb source for me in the area. I have a couple really good ones but they are SO expensive so looking for a smaller source.

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