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Mo rothar féin


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I hope the new page will start soon on your log, because I open the thread, see chorizo and forget what I wanted to write. Lol.

Oh I came back for green beans recipe. Just when I said I am not paying this much for beans and used my olives/sundried tomatoes - reduced to clear. Duuuuh. Two giant bags for 1$. Now I have to buy more olives. What a mess.

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Evening all :)

Still not feeling 100% - heavy & sluggish :(

7.15am - 2 boiled eggs & seranno ham, black coffee

8.30am - Gym, lower body

11am - cm coffee

12.30pm - some leftover chorizo ragu from yesterday, 2 ghee fried eggs, quarter of a large avocado

3pm - a tablespoon of raisins, and an inch of banana, from dd's snack.

4pm - mug of lamb broth

5.30pm - zoodles & spinach with chicken in red pesto, with parmesan

Sitting down now with a mug of CS red zinger tea that I got today from iherb :)

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Thursdays log

7.15am - 2 boiled eggs, roast beef slices rolled up with sun dried tomatoes.

Went to a new health food store today and got almond butter :ph34r:, Go Kombucha - €7 for a 750ml bottle, same price as the wine I get ! and new magnesium tablets - derived from mineral salts, the ingredients list is pleasantly short compared to my Holland & Barrett ones!

Then the day took a dive self-control wise, I had talked myself out of a nakd bar and a cappucinno at the shops but when I got home my free graze box had arrived. I mustn't have filled out the likes/dislikes in time because one of the packs was 3 mini honey flapjacks - which I ate :( 2 out of 3 of them.....another pack was spicy peanuts and breadsticks but I have left that for dh..

12.30pm - plate of yummy fats :) sardines, avo, sundried tomatoes, cucumber sticks, and the yummiest eggplant (tossed with evoo & balsamic then baked), olives. A glass of kombucha - my first booch experience, I like it!


3.30 pm The kids started fighting as soon as they got in the car froms chool & by the time we got home I was :angry: . So I hid in my room with a decaff cm coffee and another graze box portion - nuts & dried cranberries. Operation bikini bombed today :wacko:

5.30pm - bolegnase on zoodles & spinach, bit of parm.

Send me strength, really need to lose a few pounds over the next 2 weeks or I'll be busting out my holiday wardrobe.

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You can take me on holiday with you! I will expose my second belly button and everyone will stare at that!

Seriously, I have no doubt in my mind that you are going to be HOT in your bikini. Remember, we are always our toughest critics!

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Me thinks you are freaking yourself out. I totally get it...but stop. You are stressing yourself out which only makes things worse. I can't wait to hear from you by about day 3 in Spain. All relaxed, happily eating Tapas and long naps in the afternoon. :)

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Thank you all for your kind comments. I will try to be more zen :)

Nadia I love your checklist!

Sharon, it's the stuff that's in Natural Calm, helps sleep & bowels :) I'm glad the site helped,my cleaning has totally fallen by the wayside :(

slw- I don't think a scoby would survive the trip? and customs!

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Real jealousy will come after she returns. Meat meat and more beautiful meat.

Cabin bag *full* of chorizo baby :) and a big tub o' pork fat too!

My parents got us a Seranno ham like this one Xmas, but at c. €100 can't afford it!


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Happy Friday!

7.15am - 2 eggs & prosciutto, black coffee

9.30am -GYM, upper body, added another round to my routine

11.30 - low fat capp. Crappy, added a shot & cm to it when I got home

12.30 yummy salad - leaves, celery, olives,avo, fried chorizo, lemon juice, the oil from the olives & chorizo made a tasty dressing.


3.30pm - decaff cm coffee & half slice lemon cheesecake

5.30pm - roast rotisserie style chicken, green beans (that I burnt my tongue testing :rolleyes: ) and parmentier potatoes. 1.5 glasses of red wine.

Happy Friday night everyone.

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I think I may explode, the behaviour from my 10 year old, he's like a stroppy teen already! :angry:

Ruined dinner for me :unsure:


8.30am - 2 boiled eggs & prosciutto, black coffee

11am - cm coffee & half slice lemon cheesecake, got darn romantic with it, sitting in the sun, yes I said sun!!

12.45pm - fishermans eggs (no parsley) with a crooked mustardy smile for Nadia :D


5.45pm - chorizo, leftover roast chicken, shallot, spinach, sweet potato hash with fried egg - yup 5 eggs in one day - how eggcellent!


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Oh those kids. I remember people warned me about the teen years. My daughter was still cozy, snuggly and hung on my and my husbands every word at age 13. In her 14s, the aliens came down from Mars and left Crabapple McNasty in her place. She lived with us until her 20s. Jessica was then returned to us. Phew!!

Eggplant curry with lamb was awesome!!! I have two eggplants all stuffed and ready to go for round 2. :0)

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