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Mo rothar féin


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Loooove today's log. I am really trying to talk myself out of 1 - going and buying hazelnut oil, because even typing it is mouthwatering 2 - going and buying eggs for the sake of one yolk for mayo. I guess I can have chorizo, hehe.

Is it sunny in Ireland? Enjoy the weekend.

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Holiday wardrobe saga

Bought a new bikini as the bottom half of my current one just is not flattering, got a retro floral one instead with boy short style bottoms - much better :) then I got out all my shorts & t-shirts from last year & boo-hoo as I suspected most were too tight, and if they are a snug fit going, there is absolutely no point bringing them as I usually fill out my clothes over the course of the 2 weeks!

So a very "capsule" wardrobe packed, we're staying with my parents so I can do laundry as necessary....hit the chairity shop this afternoona and was thrilled to pick up a nice top and a lovely Kenneth Cole Reaction dress (for only €3!) so they will go in the case. Upon googling maybe the dress is a knock-off though as he doesn't seem to do dresses? Anyway it's lovely, so who cares, and a size 6, which makes me feel less bad about my shorts busting. Still feel a bit bad though - you always want to be in better shape than this time last year right?

Will be back with my log later :)

eta - todays log

9.30am - 2 boiled eggs, seranno ham, 2 coffees , 1 with cm

1pm - sweet potato, chorizo & spinach with fried egg


3pm - shared a nakd bar with Lily (no fruit no snack double fail)

5.45pm - roast lamb, roast baby potatoes (dunked in mayo), green beans & peas (omg) dressed in red pesto. No wine, even though I wanted some.

Drank way too many coffees today, and had cm in most of them. Period due & my sweet tooth is screaming at me for "nice things".

eta 8pm - carrot sticks + chipotle mayo.

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9.30am - 2 boiled eggs, cm coffee

1pm - cinema with Lily (odd life of Timothy Green :wacko: ) I went to M&S deli beforehand and got a tub of olive,artichoke & sundried tomato salad. And a quarter cooked chicken (leg portion) and yes I ate it in the cinema, I have no shame :lol: Also went to Butlers and got a low fat capp & a 70% truffle. I made that one chocolate last 5 bites :wub:

After the movies I went to health food store and got nutritional yeast for kale crisps, coconut flakes & dried organic mango (mispriced? only €1.85) I plan to make some trail mix for travelling.

5.30pm - crisp pork belly based on this recipe served with fried "rice" - cauliflower, cabbage & carrot, into which I stirred the sauce from roasting dish. Deeelicous. I also cooked a bunch of chicken thighs for lunches and I taste-tested one of those :)


And now for the poop talk :o

I don't know what is going on with my digestion, ever since my parents were home & we went out for lunch I have been constipated, that's 2 weeks! Maybe the "no fruit" doesn't agree with me? At first I thought it was that off road meal (and it wasn't that crazy) out with them, but I'm still not right. I have been taking magnesium (though not as citrate, which would prob be better for this) but it hasn't helped, I even took dulcolax twice, one night 0.5 of a tablet, next night 0.75 of one. In the past if I've taken a full tablet it was too strong and I'd wake up in cramps & sweats .....so that's why the portions. I hoped the drinking lots of water would help too but no....

Maybe I should skull a few pints of Guinness :lol:

Answers on a postcard please...

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Okay, so you have been less "productive" for the last 2 weeks or you have not gone at all? No wonder last summer's clothes are tight!

There is a citrate of magnesium drink you can take. The stuff tastes like shite, but if you have not gone at all, it might be appropriate. I would NOT drink the whole bottle and I would NOT drink it on a day when you have to be anywhere away from your bathroom.

Otherwise, I would recommend calling your doctor. It certainly seems extreme with the amount of veggies you eat that you would be having such an issue!

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I would say I have gone 4-5 times over the 2 weeks, but they haven't come easily ifykwim. I braced myself to look at the poop parade in Practical Paleo and the one I managed to have this morning would be mr.muscle - very dark & dense bm's. - which she says is from too much processed protein incl meat - that doesn't really tally, the only processed meat I have is 2 slices of prosciutto in the morning.

I think the drink might be more than I need, but maybe the m as c tablets....

I just ate a whole tray of kale....not sure if that'd be a hindrance or a help!

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Typing as I walk, but limiting fiber can be helpful. Kriss Kresser wrote about it, I'll send the link. Can you eat some berries, they helped my nopoop strike (seeds I guess...)

Thanks for that Nadia, will have a read,

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Howdy poopy peeps :lol:

7.30am - 2 boiled eggs , 2 slices prisciutto, black coffee

10.15am - GYM - upper body (#10). Ha ha whatever my genetic disposition it does not lead to skinny sexy Jillian Michaels muscular arms, nope just big muscular arms! Wah! oh well better than being wimpy :lol: I have noticed my thighs filling my jeans more...I think this programme is definitely adding muscle.

12.30pm - salad with spring onion & tomatoes, dressed with hazlenut oil & balsamic, 2.5 chicken thighs & mayo

a whole tray of fancy kale crisps

apple & almond butter

3pm - more coffee & a mrs crimbles coconut macaroon in friends house

6pm - povvo dinner - sausage, egg & homemade chips. 2 mandoros.

So not a no fruit/no snacks day at all! Maybe I'll have a poo!

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Thanks Krista, haven't seent hat over here but I'm sure I could get another kind of senna tea.

the cocktail of supps + .75 of a dulcolax tablet worked it's magic this morning , a migthy evacuation - yet I still feel backed up :(

Not a good food day, blaming cd2

7.15am - usual

10.30am - cm coffee, banana + almond butter

12.30pm - salad same as yesterday but with chicken juices as dressing.

4pm - mandoro orange, cm decaff

5.30pm - bolegnase on zoodles & spinach

30g 85% lindt

3 failed macaroons - did not stick together at all, I used shredded coconut maybe that was why.... I added some lemon essence & the flavour is very good.

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]3 failed macaroons - did not stick together at all, I used shredded coconut maybe that was why....

Nope. I made those macaroons at Christmas with the flaked coconut and they didn't stick together at all. Utter disaster, might as well have made a batch of toasted flakes and skipped the honey and egg IMO. Sorry to hear about poopy troubles. Caution against using Senna much (or at all) if you don't have to...can be habit forming and harsh (although ducolax is probably similar)...I would much rather see you adding more magnesium or drinking more water or maybe some yoga (twisting poses can be particularly good)? Feel better soon lady, you need your stamina for Spain!
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Thanks MM, I'm sure the vino tinto in Spain will clear out the pipes anyway :lol: You are right about the senna, it is something I am very aware of. In fact I hated digging out the pack of dulcolax this week - for the first time in years - much to my shame I used to regularly take them the night before a ww weigh-in :wacko: Those were the days...yeah sure, the BAD days, where I wanted a good result on those scales every Tuesday morning more than...well not quite anything...but a lot of thing.

Sorry to hear your macaroons were a fail too, do people not test their friggin' recipes or wha? :rolleyes:

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Evening all, from a sunny springy Dublin.

7.15am - usual

8.15am - GYM - lower body

10.30am - cm coffee, and a mush of banana, almond butter & broken up lindt

12.30pm - 2 lamb steaks with salad & anchovy mayo

3.30pm - hazlenut bp coffee, more lindt & a feed of dried mango, sheesh.

6pm - roast chicken thighs, sweet potato & cauliflower


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Derval, poop empathy.

I am tracking on my "symple" symptom tracker app trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. I had a birth injury which only adds to the problem, even 17 years later :huh:.

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