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Mo rothar féin


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Constipated no more, hurrah!

But jeez louise, the sugar dragon is out of it's cave , that monkey is on my back, digging it's claws in....


Stood on scales this morning & up 2 pounds, grrrr, after trying so hard the last couple of weeks I used the bathroom probs and time of the month as an excuse to eat lots of fruit, dried fruit & chocolate.

At 7am I was swearing I was going to eat squeaky clean, at 11am I was buying more dried mango and oooh look a new brand of soy free dark chocolate - 55% truffle with cocoa nibs - have to try that... :rolleyes:

anyways todays log

7.15am - usual

11.30 - cm coffee + chocolate + mango

fell in to a total glump (glum + grumpy) but pulled myself out of it when I woke up to the fact that it was a glorious day outside and that sitting inside feeling cross & sorry for myself was a waste of it. Made lunch & took it out to the garden, read my book & listened to some nice music

pan fried (in ghee) chicken breast, asaparagus, salad, anchovy mayo,

followed by cm coffee


And hey let's throw in school bake sale in to the mix :o at pick-up time- luckily it was only the dregs left - I bought a chocolate & sesame seed thing - it was good, tasted pretty "healthy".

Dinner was roast gammon, sweet potato, small bit of white potato, cauliflower, asparagus.

Having a glass of wine with Masterchef final tonight.

I think I am suffering from "ah sure I'm going on holidays anyway..." wtf'ness.

I've decided I will do another Whole30 (#6?) on 1st June,

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Dude, I can gain two pounds just by not sneezing in the morning. You need to put the GD scale away and realize you are MORE than that number!

I know you know this, but sometimes it helps when someone outside out of your own brain tells you.

I suggest you read your post, and pretend it was not Derval that wrote it, but someone else here. Give yourself the same loving and supportive advice you would give them!

Ok, lecture over.

That hurt me more than it hurt you. ;)

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I'm gonna have to chime in here - as someone who has been a Negative Nancy so often over the last month, only to be lifted out of grumpyville (population: me) by a lovely, uplifting, inspiring and often witty post from you:

So many people struggle just to get the 30 days in on this program, and you've managed to not only complete multiple Whole30s, but to create a healthy, sustainable Whole Life! You may have lost the dried-mango-and-dark-chocolate battle, but you're winning the good-food war, and you've been so nice and supportive to others that you're making friends along the way! You have so much to be proud of!

So put on your pretty Kenneth Cole dress, strut down the beach with confidence and enjoy the vino tinto and delicious food!

Also ... I loved Larkin, but was happy to see the MC title go to Natalie! What did you think of the final?

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Ah thanks girls, you are right about the scales KB, it is a dumb habit/addiction. And cassie, thank you so much for your kind words. I was rooting for Natalie, it will really change her life. I'd love to have seen her grandad's face when he heard the news!

I am actually in giddy good mood today - last school run, last school lunches packed, last tripe to gym - for 2.5 weeks!!! whoop whoop, am really looking fwd to a break from the mon-fri routine :)

be back later with todays moan-free log :)

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Hope your mama doesn't have "box of doom" as you call it! Sunny lunches outside are best. Have a wonderful vacations and come back with exciting stories, happy and tanned. We are so gonna miss your log for a while! Insert an emoticon with hearts here.

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Yes. Put the scale away and fall asleep smiling thinking about a glass of wine on the beach in Spain.

This is going to be amazing and anyone with half a brain would rather be sitting on a beach in Spain than doing just about anything else. (Love that you can drink wine on a beach in Europe, or at least where Ive been. And even get beach-side service. We def don't have that here. Prob bc americans would get way out of hand immediately.) Do they have the Portuguese vinho verde there? Some Spanish equivalent I'm sure.

We rented a house in the Algarve a few years ago. We drove over to Spain but not very far in. It was an amazing time and we made our breakfasts with the most delicious eggs. The yolks were so vividly orange, almost pinkish. And ham. Yum.

I am so envious!

Enjoy the pre-trip anticipation and forget the six bites of chocolate. You are indeed better than that.

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I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one addicted to Masterchef, Larkin was my favourite until the last few episodes, he seemed to lose the plot after that episode where both him and the other Welsh guy bombed their dishes. But, he's a solicitor, he should be able to fund whatever he wants to do without the MC title. So I'm also glad that Natalie won.

I'm so jealous that you're off to Spain, I haven't been anywhere in ages. Other than a minibreak in Paris in October, but that was only for three days so hardly counts.

And Beets, I think the British get just as out of hand as the Americans, it's just that they can drink a lot longer before they reach out of hand... it's those extra three years of practice with the drinking age at 18.

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Yes I agree re Larkin, looks like he has the funds to follow his food dreams, I felt sorry for him re his parents wishes though...

We don't usually drink on the beach, maybe we should start :D But I will be enjoying my Estella sin gluten by the pool, it is a third of the price for a 4 pack that it is here! And the lunches - menu del dia = 3 courses of good food +coffee+ wine for €8-€10

I never filled in my log for yesterday so here it is

7.15am - usual

9.30am - gym , upper body

11am - cm coffee

12.30pm - lambs lettuce with hz oil & blasamic & 2 fried mackeral fillets + mayo. So good.


3.30pm - cm coffee

5.30pm - zuchinni carbonara

9pm - 2 glasses of wine + chocolate

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All packed :) incl snacks....and the cutest little dress I picked up in the charity shop today for just €2!


this time tomorrow I'll be boarding a jet plane :)

8.30am - usual

12.30pm - same salad as yesterday, tried to poach an egg for the top - disaster - still ate it though.

3.30pm - banana + almond butter, cm coffee

5.30pm - sausage casserole, could easily be made compliant.


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Spain is calling, hell yeah! Wishing you fab vacations! Eat all the cured goodies you find and bring some home!

M, can you kindly insert couple of appropriate emoticons? Iphone is useless when it comes to expressing an affection :D

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Oh S you lured me in to a selfie fashion show :)

Strictly for pool-side/beach. I love the retro play-suit look.


and here's the Kenneth Cole one.


Total price for both €6 = less than $8

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