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Mo rothar féin


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Aw thanks KB! Landed in a cold Dublin (9c) at 1am this morning.

So holiday report part 1

Every morning started with a cup of coffee by the pool


sometimes accompanied by a "coquito" - a little coconut macaroon made in the local supermarket bakery.

Breakfast was either a bowl of fresh fruit, omg the strawberries were so good and so cheap!, with a handful from my travel snack of dried fruit & nuts and topped with a full fat natural yogurt.

OR eggs! yummy yummy eggs we got from a local farm



I had intended to do a bodyweight circuit for exercise every second morning, but I did not :) the trainers I brought were only wore on the flights :D

After breakfast myself & Lily & my Mum would usually go for a walk to one of the local charity shops for a rummage & a cafe for a café con leche.

Then at 1.30/2pm we would all go out for lunch - 3 courses + wine+ coffee for 9 -10 euros (aorund $12), oh and this includes a large salad and bread + aioli brought to the table when you arrive!

more to come.....

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part 2

Things I ate

So I didn't take pics of every meal but here are some

at Tio Pepe, a starter of atune con tomate, so simple yet so good


at La Martina a starter of chicken stew, omg the potatoes tasted so good


Manolo's mixed paella - chicken & rabbit


Gazpacho at Casa Harry (love the plate of extra bits)


this is the kind of salad one gets free to the table when your arrive


Cordero a la brassa - grilled lamb - I had this many times in diff restaraunts!

at Casa Harry


at Vent Ursula


Ooh some very non paleo Pan de Calatrava at Casa Harry


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part 3....more things I ate & saw :)

working on the head (whilst doing the opposite!)


I did come to a wonderful realisation that after all my fretting about how I looked before I went I really did not care one bit once I was there & relaxing. There's nothing like staying in an area mostly inhabited by retired folks to make you feel like a hot young thing

anyway :lol:

At Vent Ursula the entermeze's are fab, check out the raw black & white pudding Nadia!


and the butchery counter in their little shop


there are 3 markets locally which are just amazing for fruit & veg...so fresh & cheap. Would be wonderful to live near a resource like this...


and my favourite cured meat lady, I brought home a chorizo, wish I could have bought it all!


This day we actually did eat at hime with some of the beautiful produce, my dad cooked a chciken tagine. I pointed out taht his belly looked very like the lid of the tagine!


the next day at Monumental I had the most delicious starter - eggs, ham, chorizo, peas & some tomato...must try re-create minus peas


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Part 4, the end of (holidays)

So as a trat the day before we went home my Dad suggested we go to this place. It was a long drive up the mountains but so worth it. beautiful place, often used as a wedding venue, and very fancy compared to the restaraunts we'd been to before.


Starter Selection


Stuffed Pork for main course,


I can't fin the desert pic but it was a selection like the starters - chocolate mousse, arroz con leche, watermelon. A really amazing place, but even with all that fanciness it still owrked out at €20 per head!

And that's it...last day dad did us a great barbeque - meaty ribs, pork chops, and steak, with new potatoes & veg.

Looking fwd to getting reasonably back on track now ( I do have 2 meals out + bookclub by end of month) and then starting my Whole30#6 on June1st.

And yes I did weigh myself this morning, up 5lbs, hopefully it'll drop off as quickly as it went on.

Will try catch up on all my w9 buddies now :)

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You certainly know how to do a holiday! Looks like absolute bliss. I'm ready to reassess my life plans and move to Spain. What part were you in again? I've only ever visited the north.

Extra happy about what a great place you're in mentally about your body and that you've got a w30 on the horizon to tighten things up again. It seems that's the trick to off roading. Get back to compliance for a while, or put the training wheels on for a bit. I bet those 5 will come off quite easily.

Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your gorgeous pics! We've missed the heck out of you around here!

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Looks amazing! And so reminded me of Portugal--the lovely local eggs, the cardboard sign, the simple delicious food. Mmm. Ha! We were also in retirement land apparently (someone described the area as Florida for British people) and that does help.

But you look so happy and relaxed in your poolside bikini shot.

Well done and thanks for sharing.

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Thanks everyone for the locely welcome home :)

Today's log

9am - 2 boiled eggs, black coffee

11.30am - black coffee

12.30pm - 2 slices compliant bacon. fried egg, baby avocado.

I brought back these goodies from Spain - a kilo of baby avocadoes from the market - €1.19!

There was also a herb&spice stall that I enjoyed browsing. I've never had chimichuri but recalled reading about it here so thought I'd give it a try. I also brought back a bag of roasted malcon? almonds.


Spent the afternoon at the track, due to husband misjudging the times of races. I went up to collect them at 2.30, and just had time to see Alex race at 4.00 pm before I had to go without them to collect Lily from a party, then go do groceries, then come home & make dinner. grrr. Well at least he weather was nice today - in fact very nice! makes the transition from holidays a whole lot easier.

As the sun was shining I had my dinner outside. A big salad of lambs lettice, spinach, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber, dressed with hazlenut oil and avo. I baked a chicken breast in evoo & the chicken spices from spain and had that on top with a dollop of freshly made mayo. Yum Yum.


Time for a big mug of robbios tea now & an early night ahead.

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Today's log.

Urgh I have such a headache :( I wonder is it the sudden change to low-carb...or my body crying out for Spanish coconut macaroons ;) I have 4! nak'd (like lara) bars in the fridge that I forgot to bring with me and I am sorely tempted to have one....

7.15am - scrambled eggs, spinach & smoked salmon, black coffee

9.30am - low fat cappucinno

12.30pm - same salad as yesterday minus avo, but plus almonds, black coffee at 1.30

4pm - baby avo, each half fits a teaspoon :wub:

5.30pm - lambs lettuce & spinach with avo mayo dressing, roast gammon, carrots & broc.

3 mugs of roobios tea, just taken 1 paracetemol.

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Today's log.

Urgh I have such a headache :( I wonder is it the sudden change to low-carb...or my body crying out for Spanish coconut macaroons ;)

I'd blame the dramatic change in climate. Even a sunny day or week in Dublin isn't the same as Spain. Or how being back to reality at home doesn't compare to being on holiday. . . .

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I'd blame the dramatic change in climate. Even a sunny day or week in Dublin isn't the same as Spain. Or how being back to reality at home doesn't compare to being on holiday. . . .

So true - for 2 weeks I did not:

Do dishes or any housework (apart from laundry)

Drive a car


Cook a meal (apart from boiling eggs)

It's a shock to the system alright!

I was lucky that I did come back to nice weather. A couple of friends came back from their holidays the prev. week to freezing temps & hailstones!

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Susan, speaking of photos, someone has promised one too. Khmkhm.

Happy D, full screen, whoa. Very in the Spanish spirit, like Desigual whimsical designs. Happy adaptation, sunny weather makes a difference indeed.

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Thanks gals :)

There's a big Desigual shop in Alicante airport but we flew so late in the evening they were closing :(

I got that dress a few years ago in Spain in a store called Kiabi and get so much wear out of it!

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