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:( Did they catch this guy?

Yes. They caught & arrested him, and are hopeful for a prosecution. When we spoke yesterday he hadn't admitted it but he did leave his phone behind him and they hoped they would be able to get prints off the car. I'll find out more today when the garda calls around to take my statement.

I hope he serves time, he could have killed us!

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Yes the resiliant buggers are fine thank goodness. Lily just said to me "your face still looks really nice" Aw.

Im a fliipin mess. Was just on to insurance and because I only had third party fire & theft I get nothing! I can make a clsim through the mibi which is if the other party is uninsured but im freaking out about the up front costs we will entail, we just dont have it.

And bloody father in law was just up and annoyed me so much I ran up to my room screaming & crying. He's such an ass.

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Thanks everyone, had a lovely visit from by best friend and my brother last night. He brought ready meals from a gourment shop and she brought drugs :)

I had lamb stew with pearl barley which I was able to mash up a bit & omg, once I started eating it hit me how very hungry I was! Followed by a bowl of belgian chocolate Hagen daz :)

Took a magic pill (like diazapan, except weaker strength) and got a solid 10 hours sleep, undisturned by scary thoughts.

Feel a lot less stiff this morning & the swelling is my face has gone down a good bit.

I've only taken 1 ibuprofen and 1 solpadine since I got home from hospital so that's good.

A friend is bring the kids to/from school and I am taking it easy apart from a trip to the dentist to get my teeth & jaw checked out.

Thanks for all the support.

ETA - just talked to the garda on the case and am back in a heap :(

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Day took a big turn for the worse. I have never suffered from panic attacks. I had a bit of a one in the taxi on the way home from hospital when the driver had to brake & swerve but I assumed that was just a reaction. But I had 2, maybe 3 really bad ones yesterday, luckily while in the doctors surgery and he talked me down with breathing exercises. terrifying experience. I have a script now for tranquiliizers and have the breathing exercises, which I have had to use several times.


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Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that :( You've had a terrible experience, no wonder your poor brain is still jumpy about it. Be kind to yourself and take things as easy as you can, and let your family look after you. Thoughts are with you xx

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Ah Derval that is awful. I am so sorry to hear about the whole thing and about the panic attacks. You have had a terrible shock-I hope you are able to have a calm weekend with your hubby and kids and that the anxiety subsides very soon. Take care.

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Day 3 of my mush diet

breakfast - scrambled eggs

lunch - mashed banana & coconut milk

dinner - cully & scully (fancy-ish, natural-ish brand) soup

apres-dinner - tranqs + hagen daz.

Looking forward to REAL food! I think one of the cuts on the inside of my lip has turned in to an abcess, just put bonjela on it & nearly leapt through the roof with the stinging

But the cuts on my face scabbed up & flaked off today so my cheek looks way better. I booked a facial & hair appt for next weds to help me get back to my normal gorgeous self ;) ha ha can you tell I'm hepped up on super-relaxo's? :lol:

Downloaded a hypnosis for panic attacks app to my phone, tried to do it earlier & was interrupted by calls/texts 4 times!! Will listen again tonight in bed.

Got a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered (can't rem the last time that happened....I think when I had a mc in '05) from my friend in the uk - pink roses & stargazer lilies. And a lovely visit from my best bud (of 32 years), who bought me a nice bottle of red wine, but I can't drink with the happy pills I suppose - who knows how that would turns out - 39 year old arrested for dancing the macarena in her bikini at the crossroads?

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Your friends are very sweet to take such good care of you. They, like us, are grateful that you are okay and healing!

I don't think you woud be arrested for dancing in your bikini, but the tips might buy you a new car ;).

Seriously, glad to hear you doing so well, even if it is due to medication.

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Feeling a good bit better emotionally this evening...a bit dicey earlier with tight chest & general anxiety but an afternoon snoozing in the sun (with no suncreen d'oh - red chested now) and a visit from my darling brother and his wife & 2 year old were both v.restorative. She is the best sister-in -law ever - she brought me a jar of half caff/half-decaff cardamon coffee she ground today , and she made paleo treats for the first time ever , just for me! Coconut oil, cocoa, almond butter, maple syrup, dried cherries etc..

and another set of ready gourmet meals.

I ate a LOT today, my appetite is back with a vengeance, and not necessarily for good stuff - had 2? of my the flapjacks my dh made this afternoon and a bowl of hagen daz with flapjack crumbs on top after dinner. Rest of the day was paleo...

Went for a 20 min walk to bring dd for a haircut & then back again after and ooo my back ached by the time I got tomorrow,

Face much better, lip almost healed, just this goddam abcess to go.

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Hi D, just checking in, saying hi. Hope you had a bit of rest and feeling better. I so feel your pain with mushy diet, blaah.

Sorry to read about anxiety attacks. One thing that my friend (he was suffering from it for years) told me and helped me a lot to handle them was that this thing can't hurt you. You can't die from it. It's all in the head. Yoga kind of breath is also a great help.

You have wonderful friends and family, you lucky pretty lady (yes even with the lip injury, Lily knows better). Take care :wub:

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Was doing better yesterday, today was so stressful I had to take an extra pill :(

All practical stuff to do with assesor/towing yard that I won't re-hash or I'll get upset again. Got some resolution by the end of the day but it was a long day of anguished calls.

Thanks for checkin hon, you're a star,

But in all this I thank the nice people who helped me today

- gym admin who said they'd freeze my membership till whenever I was ready

- postman who went back to sorting office to bring me my parcel to save me going to collect it

- the lovely lady in assesors head office who was so helpful & understanding when I was freaking out over the towers yard money grabbing unfair bill....but I said i wouldn't go in to that)

Went to physio in A&E this morning, back neck & shouldler quite sore but she said this is a normal progression following an accident. Have exercises to do.

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