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Didn't post yesterday as my whiplash (I hope!) peaked yesterday afternoon and I was feeling so sore & sorry for myself. I focussed on that all day & stuck my head in the sand re any practical stuff I should have been sorting out.

I also got in a cleaner who did 3 hours in the morning and a great job. While she was here I went down to local cafe and had a totally un-paleo brunch - sausgae, egg, bacon, white toast with butter , o.j & coffee. Yowsa, but you know what I didn't feel any worse for it at all.

I also shopped/cooked for the first time since the accident - I did the nom nom paleo slowcooker chicken & gravy. I wasn't crazy about the chicken butI could drink that gravy by the glass. I did roast cabbage & babay potatoes in duck fat.

Maybe I did overdo it & that's why my back got so bad around 4pm..... And DH was out all evening too :(

Had my first xanax free night which is good progress.

Today back is sore but not painful & I treated myself to a facial - my skin feels like sandpaper from the damage- and a dye job - really blond now! No money for food now but hey ho


I was planning to start a W30 on saturday but think I will postpone at least a week - it would be too much extra work right now.

My friend is taking me out for dinner tonight so I hope my back & nerves behave!

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First full 24 hrs without anixiety meds and back is now sore rather than painful.

Had a great night out with my bff last night - 4 hours over dinner, plenty of wine, and lots of laughs.

Onwards & upwards.

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Father in law bought us a new car this evening (we will pay him back when the insurance comes through) I just have to get in and drive it. ARGGGHHHH... I will just go around & around the block to help get my nerve back. We'll pick it up tomorrow I think.

I drank a fair few glasses of wine last night at bookclub (urgh, 2 nights in a row, I feel toxic) and did not eat paleo today....well not brunch anyway...dinner was mostly good.

Off the anxiety meds now, haven't even needed painkillers today. All good progress.

Brewed up my first ever kombucha so excited about that.

Period is a few days late (prob the shock) but I've decided once it's come & gone I'll do my w30 then.

Season finale of Elementary, no wine, and an early night is the plan now for the evening.

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Yay for you!! I know it's tough, but that stress will melt away..sometimes slowly, but it will.

Here's something weird. On Tapatalk, it's you with your cute dress and hat in Spain. On my laptop, I see an older Avatar of you.

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Yep, I guess she has this preference set, because I couldn't do it either form a regular computer Oops, maybe I shouldn't mention it.

Blergh..I thought you were saying you couldn't PM me..back to choosing paint colors for my kitchen and 2 walls in my living room that join a wall in my dining room as far as sight goes.

I love playing in Dervals garden while she sleeps. I think she likes waking up to all the action. :0)

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