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Mo rothar féin


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Ok folks, today eating & drinking is as follows :)

7.15 am - boiled egg, black coffee, apple & almond butter

9.30 am - Chalean Extreme Lean Circuit 1,pws chicken mini-fillet

12.30pm - bacon, fried hard boiled egg (read about it here, nice!), avocado, cherry tomatoes, arugula


3pm - Ah really felt hungry, it's hard when I get back home after school run and the kids are having a snack... but did not want to give in to fruit. Had 6 macadamias & some herbal tea

5.45pm - yum yum marinated steak on a bed of spinach mushrooms & onion. Large glass of red wine, that's it bottle finished now.


Speaking of wine, the experiment with organic wine was interesting. It didn't induce the instantaneous gut reaction other wines I've tried have . But the half bottle I had last night did effect my sleep and I felt a bit cruddy first thing this morning.

I'm going to a birthday party on Friday so will likely be drinking at that...not sure what to drink when I'm at a bar (and so expensive!)

Not a bad day at all, despite the rain!

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Happy to be a guinea pig in this regard Lola :D

Tuesday 11th

7.15am - egg loaf & black coffee

9.30am - Back to the gym for the first time since school broke up in June! They changed their memberships cards to new self check in ones. I loved my old card, I had it since I joined back in 2003 every time I looked at the puffy faced fatty on the front it gave me a thrill that I didn't look like that anymore :D Oh well, I will come to love the new one too....but it's so embaressing, when you scan in, your photo comes up on a screen overhead! Of course as I was on way to gym my hair was scraped back and not a scrap of makeup :rolleyes:

Anyways.... did my Jay Blahnik treadmill training workout which consists of hill & sprint intervals. Last sprint was 60 secs at 13kmph, felt like I was gonna explode! Covered about 4.8km in 28 mins.

Pws - mini chicken fillet, prob too late for the magic window.

12.30 - a new experience for me! My first time trying liver in not-pate form!

I adapted this recipe (see more in offal thread) and it turned out great, I had 2 more pieces than pictured too. Served with fried bacon, onion & spinach - iron-tastic!!


I had some more liver after making this so later on I made some pate (first time). I used some marsala & butter so not compliant but mostly for my dh anyway...


3pm - a little taste of some Nutiva coconut butter :wub: omfg, man oh manna!!! A gift (via iherb) from my paleo fairy godmother :)

5.30pm - chicken baked in bbq sauce (the one from civilized caveman that I used with pulled pork last time), sweet potato (I did add a knob of butter) and some spinach & avo salad.


I am looking fwd to a bowl of frozen blueberries & melted coconut butter later while watching all my cookery shows :)

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Hmmm, I am tempted to order the Nutiva Coconut Butter after your glowing review! :D

Like the look of your dinner! Tasty I'd say! Am not a liver fan so can't say the same of your lunch-did you like it?

I did like it, esp with a good blob of dijon mustard. I was fully prepped with big glass of water in case it was yucky but I cleaned my palte & went back for more!

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I love that coconut butter. It turns me into a junkie if I'm not careful! :) If you've got a decent blender and access to bulk unsweetened coconut flakes or powder, you can make homemade butter that's just as good (or nearly as good) for a fraction of the cost. I dump about 1.5-2 lbs of coconut flakes in my Vitamix, start it on slow, slowly increasing speed for 3-4 minutes, then blast it on high for another 3-4 minutes. It will slowly liquify and become butter smooth. Pour it into jars and let it cool to room temperature.

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hey hey hey it's wednesday!

7.15 am - egg loaf & black coffee

10am - Chalean Lean Circuit 2, pws chicken mini-fillet, spread with pate - decadent!

11.30am - coffee w' coconut milk

12.30pm - weird but tasty lunch - kimchi, sardines & avocado


2.15pm - small portion of mixed nuts with sultanas

3pm - small banana w' melted coconut butter - I did not need to eat this at all...I just wanted to tryt he combo, should have waited till after dinner...anyway wasn't all that nice

5.45pm - meatza & sweet potato. the veg mix I used had corn & peas and I added cheese so I de-complied a compliant dish!


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Mmmm. Sardines. :)

As for the coconut butter, I am afraid to even try it. I know it would be dangerous for me to have around! No willpower...

I have a VitaMix that I really like, but I still don't use it as often as I could. Some weeks I use it every day, other weeks I don't even touch it. It was an awesome birthday gift from my Mom who loves to buy those special items I would never want to spend my own money to buy for myself. Maybe your family could chip in for one for you for your next birthday or even Christmas. They last forever. I think my Christmas list this year will have all kinds of kitchen items on it. I really want a nice Bento box to make a regular meal feel like a celebration sometimes but need to research them and make sure I get just the right one. They are gorgeous. And expensive. And should last forever. A perfect gift item!

Glad you got back to the gym. Look forward to further updates!

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I got the Korean cabbage in the Polski shop, where else? Lol! It's not w30 (oops should have highlighted it) as one of the additives is an E number that turned out to be MSG.

The sweet potatoes I cut in to discs than zapped in micro and then fried in ghee with salt & pepper. Quicker than baking :)

The price of the vitamix!! And it's only a blender! I don't use my blender that much anyway, more often the food processor to chop, grate etc. I use the blender for mayo and soup, so only once every fortnight. My Xmas list includes a dexa scan :D and practical paleo.

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Will try that with my sweet potatoes today-like the sound of it.

Still happily riding my own bike here too and feeling good . It's a very easy lifestyle to maintain I find-I started on April 25th and have been either Whole30-ing or riding my own bike since and it's really just second nature to me now, it's great :) .

Are you enjoying being back at the gym? Do you have a new weights programme?

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Will try that with my sweet potatoes today-like the sound of it.

Still happily riding my own bike here too and feeling good . It's a very easy lifestyle to maintain I find-I started on April 25th and have been either Whole30-ing or riding my own bike since and it's really just second nature to me now, it's great :) .

I completely agree :)

Are you enjoying being back at the gym? Do you have a new weights programme?

Yes, I enjoyed it, though I was just on the tm - I have one more Chalean workout to do and then I'll have finished the 12 week programme. Then I have my 5k race on the 23rd so I will wait till after that to get back to lifting. Plan is to meet with pt and get a new programme. It's funny for the first time ever I do not have an aesthetic or weight-loss goal in mind. I just want to get really strong - 100kg deadlift & an unassisted pull-up, that's all I want for Xmas (well not really, I want a dexa scan too , lol....and some new paleo books...)

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Good luck with your training. It sounds like you've got some great goals. I'm sure you're quite capable of putting together a quality program, but re: pullups, I'd focus on the following:

  • Form is king. Scale the movements so you can do full ROM. No half reps.
  • Just my opinion, but skip the kip until you have a solid, strict, dead hang pullup for reps. Your shoulder girdle will thank you over time.
  • Until you can perform strict dead-hang pronated grip pullups, keep the following in mind:
    • Supinated grip pulling movements (chinup grip) recruit your biceps more effectively than the pronated grip while still working the lats effectively. You will probably be strong enough to do a strict, dead-hang chinup before you can do a strict pullup.
    • We are stronger with eccentric muscle contractions than concentric contractions. Use this to your advantage by doing negative reps for faster gains. Use a box or chair to start at the top position and lower yourself slowly to the bottom. When you can no longer control the rate of descent, stop and rest. This may be one or two reps at first, more as you progress.
    • Bodyweight rows are a great horizontal pulling movement that scales towards pullups and chinups. Use pronated and supinated grip as well as close grip to hit the muscles differently. Use a lower bar or raise your feet on a box or chair when you can do 3-4 sets of 5-8 quality reps.
    • Work supinated (chinup) and pronated (pullup) grip dead hangs in the bottom position. This will improve grip strength and forearm strength. Engage your shoulder and back muscles, trying to force your shoulder blades down. This will help keep your shoulders in a solid position and keep you from hanging by your soft tissue. Work up to a 60 second dead hang.
    • Work supinated grip flexed arm hang at the top position for time. If you can manage a five second hold, do six sets of five seconds for 30 seconds total work time. Work up to 60 seconds total work time in four sets (15 sec each), then switch to pronated grip, working up to the same workload.
    • Resistance bands can be used to take some of the load off, allowing you to do chinups and pullups before you have the strength to pull your own bodyweight
    • Jumping pullups can be helpful, but in my experience they end up being more of a conditioning exercise than a strength movement as people often attempt jumping pullups as quickly as they can. Form also seems to suffer with jumping pullups. If you use them, focus on foll extension at the bottom, jumping to the top position, holding for a split second, then lowering in a controlled manner. Less reps with more time under tension is much more valuable than high reps with less time under tension with regards to muscle size and strength gains.

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Thanks for that Jim, yeah not in to the kipping malarky at all. I have done the bodyweight rows before ...I haven't used bands but I have used the assisted machine but have only got to -35kg for 3 x 5 reps, I might be able to do -30 for 1 or 2...I'm 57kg so a ways to go!

I'm going to get a session with a p.t and ask him for a good progression programme.

So todays log - lots of red :huh:

7.15am - boiled egg, 2 slices of Seranno ham, black coffee

11am - med skinny capp.

12.30pm - salad w' evoo & balsamic, half avocado, 1 M&S crab and prawn mousse w' sweet chilli sauce. Clementine, 6 macadamias.

2pm - small portion nuts & sultanas.

3.30 pm - 20g dark chocolate and some coconut butter. This stuff is dangerous.

5.45pm - roast rotisserie chicken (sugar on skin), mixed veg incl peas & broad beans. A bite of roast potato (blurgh). Some fresh fruit salad.

So not such a good day :ph34r: I had great intentions of being super clean today as I was planning to do some weighing & measuring & photographing tomorrow as I am doing my last workout of my Chalean Extreme programme. Didn't turn out that way did it? :rolleyes: what am I like, such a rebel! Ah sure, never mind, I don't really care that much what the scales or tape says...I won't be making it on to the beachbody promo material and I am ok with that :lol:

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Well I did my post Chalean Extreme measurements this morning...... every single one of them is slightly up - weight , body fat %, every tape measurement....how weird....If I was to go by imperical evidence I would say my 12 weeks of eating clean & lifting heavy have been a failure but NO I won't be ruled by numbers, I feel good, I think I look good, and I feel strong, so yaboo shucks to numbers :P

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