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I have just completed my first Whole30 and I'm continuing on for a Whole60.  I lost 7 lbs and my achilles tendonitis has improved greatly.

However I have been having really issue with my sleep.  I have always been a great sleeper but during my Whole 30 I have been having trouble dropping off, waking up feeling exhausted and with all of my muscles aching.  The last week or two I have also had flu like symptoms.

My energy levels are low on waking although once I'm up and about it gets better.

I tried a 3 week elimination diet a few months before starting the Whole30 and I felt great within a week, I slept longer and more soundly and woke up feeling fully rested.  So I was expecting the same thing with the Whole30.

I followed the programme pretty strictly so I'm surprised by the issues I'm having.

Any ideas why?

I have been overweight and eaten a dreadful diet for many years and I realise that a month may not be long enough to sort out all of the issues but I wasn't expecting to feel so grotty.

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Breakfast is normally something like an omelette with mushrooms, onions and peppers or bacon, fried egg, mushrooms, peppers, onions and courgette - cooked in olive oil

Lunch is tuna, home made salsa with tomatoes, onion, peppers, spring onions and lime juice, beansprouts, avocado and green salad leaves or beef mince cooked in olive oil with onions, courgette and peppers.

Dinner is steak, fried sweet potato, home made salsa, salad leaves and beetroot or turkey sausages, beetroot, salad leaves, cucumber, tomatoes and avocado - cooked in olive oil

I snack on cashew nuts, fruit - one or two pieces a day, usually banana, satsuma or pear.


I know I'm lacking in dark leafy greens etc but I'm not hugely fond of them.

I only ever drink water and always have water with me throughout the day.

I'm not very active, I do aquafit a couple of times a week but my achilles tendonitis prevents me from running etc.

I tried upping my intake of starchy vegetables thinking it might be a carb issue but that made no difference.

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I would try to phase out the nut and fruit snacks. Snacks, if needed, should be 'mini-meals' of protein, vegetables and fat.


Several of your comments also point to a possible magnesium deficiency. Dark leafy greens would provide more magnesium, but many of us need to supplement this mineral. You can take it in pill form, as a powder (unflavored natural calm* is compliant), via the skin as a spray or in a bath (epsom salts are magnesium based). Taking the drink powder or bath right before bed may help you sleep, and taking any of these should help with body aches.




*Do be aware with natural calm, that this form draws water into the colon, so taking too much right away may lead to uncomfortable watery stools...just start with a small dose and increase gradually. If you get this side effect you will know that you are taking too much for your body.

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