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Finished my first Whole30 on November 22.  I didn't follow the re-intro schedule for several reasons.  One, I essentially stopped eating breads/grains quite some time ago and already know that they send me rushing to the bathroom if I do.  So that didn't need to be tested.  I'm fine living without dairy, so that didn't need testing, either.  I also don't care if I eat legumes.  Last...I know that sugar is my issue and I shouldn't eat it at all...so in a way, what was there to test?  LOL  Plus, so close to Thanksgiving, I was ready to stop focusing on food for a few days.  My plan was to relax, do what I wanted in terms of food, evaluate what I was really missing and how I felt, and then start another Whole30 in January.


The first day post Whole30, I continued to eat Whole30.  There really just wasn't anything I wanted.


On day 2 post W20, I bought one of my favorite holiday treats...peppermint bark.  Guess what?  I ate a few pieces, did NOT like it (It tasted waxy!), and threw the rest away.


The last couple of days, I've eaten very sporadically because I hadn't been grocery shopping for W30 foods...some junk in the house, but really just "letting go" of eating meals (which is my "normal" eating before W30).  Guess what?  It's pretty obvious I felt BETTER on W30 and anything I'm eating now just isn't worth it.  No reason to wait until January to start again.  Yesterday's grocery shopping included plenty of W30 items.

So today, while fixing some pies for T-Day (not for me!), I also roasted sweet potatoes, made sausage Toscana soup (a W30 recipe), broiled some salmon, chopped vegetables, made some mayo, etc...tomorrow is D1 of my 2nd Whole30.


I'm actually very, very surprised...I thought I'd be thrilled to say I'd completed a W30, revert back to old habits for a month, then eventually start another W30.  But I'm *liking* this food, enjoying feeling better, etc.  Wonders never cease. ;)

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I can relate, I am over half way through my second one and I have found I did the same thing for the same reasons.  I did discover dairy was causing inflamation so that goes off the list. I will do a week between Whole30's for the point of weighing, measuring, and doing a little off roading so I can tell myself during that period of time I can have whatever I want even if in the end I don't want it.


Yesterday was Thanksgiving and normally I would be in the kitchen for two days and making so many foods that I really don't eat anymore.  I actually looked forward to having Turkey, paleo cranberry sauce, roasted asparagus, and a baked sweet potato with ghee and cinnamon.  I had a bowl of berries and some pistachios later in the day and more turkey.  Who needs bread, sugar and all the junk food?  I honestly didn't miss it and I really loved my meal and felt so thankful I am on the road to better health and not being deprived in the process.

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Amazing what 30 days can do to your taste buds... Not sure if that happens to everybody, because you don't read about it often in the success stories. After my whole 59, I did not have a single food item I really felt I missed. I thought I would enjoy a glass of wine, but it tastes like vinegar... My Swiss chocolates... Whatever... One bite and I find it too sweet! So why bother. Cheese is probably the only thing I enjoy post whole30 in terms of how it tastes, but it does a number on my digestion... Going thru a very trying and stressful time right now, and am so glad I have good nutrition helping me thru this.

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