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Day 10 of W30 breastfeeding

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So I am on day 10 of my whole 30. I have not added any exercise routine. I get a good burn going running around after my little ones, cooking and cleaning house. I have a 7, 5, & 3 year old, and a 3 month old.

We are all doing the whole 30. The school age ones take compliant lunches, but have had a few snacks at school that aren't compliant. My 3 yo is really getting better. Going from "I won't eat it, me no like no vegetables!" To I will eat the carrots, but not the celery mommy! Huge progress in my opinion. Finding compliant hotdogs for him was a lifesaver! The older two only really seem to miss PB&J and Cheese! My husband is not 100% on board, but when eating meals he does eat with us, just snacks extra.

I also am breastfeeding only my 3 month old. He was spitting up a lot like 8-10 times a day from birth on, until I started this whole 30, he's only spitting up a little every few days! I am so pleased.

Also my fingernails are so much stronger, my face is cleared up, and I am fitting jeans I cannot even remember the last time I wore. Granted I just had a baby so it makes sense that I haven't fit into some of my clothes in a while. But I am so excited about my results. I have been so tempted by the scale, but am holding strong!

My whole 30 ends the day before vacation. Trying to figure our reintro for the kiddos. Might have to start at like day 25. I know family will be spoiling and we will be eating out a fair amount for Christmas vacation in tx with relatives. I have already told then we will be back to healthy eating as soon as we get home. I have more control over my situation and will try reintro on the trip.

All in all am loving the knowledge I am gaining everyday and the way I feel. Just wanted to share some of my positive experiences. Day 10 complete! Go Me!

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Congrats to you! I am 6 weeks postpartum and Day1 of W30 today. It's good to hear that its going well for you. Any tips from your experience thus far?

Cheers and keep up the good work!

I am also 6 weeks postpartum (with no. 2) and started Dec. 1. I was inspired by Lauren Hartmann's success loosing 17 lbs on her postnatal Whole30. She wrote an excellent blog post called "the lazy girls guide to the whole 30"that you should check out. It's been really helpful for me so far.

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