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Good to know I am not alone in the Whole30 world in dealing with Polymyalgia. It is a very painful and limiting disease condition. As a result of reading "It Starts With Food", I have eliminated FODMAPS along with my Whole30. It has made a big difference for me and I can feel my muscles relaxing more as time goes on. I had to locate a probiotic that didn't contain FODMAPS - this arrives in the mail on Friday so I will get a chance to see if that helps even more with improving leaky gut symptoms. Didn't realize I was dealing with Irritable Bowel Syndrome until I read about it in "Starts With Food". Always knew my Polymyalgia had a large food sensitivity component to it but didn't realize that the border-line bowel symptoms I've had all my life was related to IBS and leaky gut. I feel like I am finally making some progress with this condition.

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