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Sharon's December Whole 30


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Hellow. My name is Sharon and this is my second Whole 30. 


The first time I did my Whole 30 was in the Spring 2013. My relationship with food drastically improved. Bloat and brain fog were essentially non existent. I felt amazing, happy, and inspired.


I lead an "80/20" Paleo lifestyle, but lately feel that the non-Paleo portion slow grew beyond "20%." I am doing this again to detox myself from many mistakes made in the past season. I also want to teach myself discipline and self control with eating. 


When the 30 days are up, I hope to have an even better relationship with food and eating, feel inspired, and enthusiastic about Paleo again.


I chose to do this in December, because it's right now:D

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Day 1


The Food: Breakfast was eggs, spinach, and onions with a banana. Lunch was a can of tuna and more spinach with homemade mayo. Dinner was panfried chicken, greens, and butternutsquash. Snacks was a dried date and roasted cashew butter (2T).


The Activity: Did Crossfit. It was squat day.


The Symptoms: Had a mild headache.


The Temptation: My husband ate my favorite ice cream while we watched TV. He waved a spoonful of oh so tempting cookies and mint in my face. I resisted and gently kicked him in the ribs.

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Day 2


The Food: Leftovers spread across breakfast and lunch with eggs. Dinner was at a slightly upscale Mexican restaurant. I really wanted a Taco. This place has amaaaazing tacos, and I wanted one. I had fantasies of their tacos going through the menu. Instead I ordered a steak salad and asked for modifications to make it compliant. It was actually very tasty! :) I did not care for the taco anymore.


The Activity: I went on my 4 mile running loop around the pond. Did not break any records. I'm blaming post leg day and the fact that it was 20F degrees.


The Symptoms: Physically everything is A-OK and I slept well. Though, I'm a bit moody and anxious. I wanted to punch someone for teasing me about "eating like a caveman." I didn't hit anyone. Maybe my hormones are starting to balance. 


The Temptation:  Out on the town last night, I was surrounded by beer and liquor. Not tempted to get my own, but was tempted to get a sip. I drank tea instead. I'm fortunate for the bars in this town that serve tea.

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Day 3


The Food: I'm glad that potatoes are compliant! I had potato wedges, chicken, sausage, brussels, and broccoli during the day. Other snacks included dried dates, banana, and walnuts. I made a Filipino beef stew for a small dinner party and paired with with caulirice and wilted spinach and pine nuts. I also had some kombucha. The beef stew is braised meat with potatoes, carrots, onion, red pepper, tomato sauce, and coconut aminoes. 


The Activity: No exercise today, but some walking and stretching. Muscles are still a bit sore. I had a great sleep and had not needed a sleeping pill in about a week. (crosses fingers). I still spray my sheets with lavender oil before sleeping. It helps a lot.


The Symptoms: After eating the cauliflower, there was a mild bloat and cramp. Felt better after a good fart. Cruciferous vegetables tend do to that to me, and it probably wasn't the best idea to eat THREE types in one day. My mood was terrible, very irritable and sensitive. And my self esteem was down. 


The Temptation: Today's temptation was very strong. I enjoy white rice and having a Filipino beef stew without it was absurd. Yes, I'm all about that safe starch thing. I did make the rice for my guests and also had sourdough rolls and a pecan pie for them too. Funny that the rice tempted me the most. 

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Day 4


The Food: It was a leftover day, beef stew and vegetables. Ate more potatoes because of cardio day. Snacks were nut butter and raisins, banana, and a pear. Later had lox salad with pine nuts.


The Exercise: I went running and the speed was exactly the same.


The Symptoms: Had another good night sleep and was in a MUCH better mood.


The Temptation: That leftover bowl of rice is staring me in the face. I was carb cravey today because of my run and exhausted all the leftover potatoes instead. The buns from the previous night were left on the counter, but they were cold and hard. I picked them up and juggled a few, but failed. I thought for a second to just have a nibble of one...but considering how well these bounced off the floor I soon lost interest. I put them back in the bag, because of 'five second rule' and figured any floor germs would be the least of the problem with buns. Nobody tell my husband.  ;)

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Day 5


The Food: I ate chicken thighs, curried vegetables, and lettuce. Later had a salad with lox and homemade dressing. In between I had a banana, nut butter, and a few dates.


The Activity: None but little walking. 


The Symptoms: Carb and sugar cravings are pretty bad. But I'm in a great mood!! Slept well too.


The Temptation: I'm feeling that dates and raisins are a crutch and I'm going to limit them tomorrow and have avocado instead. (It's not ripe enough yet, hah). I tried to play some video games to distract me from eating anymore dried fruit, but the digital sticky buns are triggering things :( I drank some tea to fight the craving.

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Day 6


The Food: Eggs and bacon for breakfast! Yay! Lunch was thai green curried chicken and vegetables. Dinner I made some OK tasting crab cakes, homemade mustard mayo sauce, and greens.


The Activity: No exercise. I'm lazy today.


The Symptoms: I am feeling really good today! It's like some switch flipped from sad to happy. Unfortunately, I had a crap sleep last night. But this was due to some personal worry from the previous night that I've yet to control :( Later in the day, I had a cramp and felt like I was retaining water. I don't feel any hunger...in fact feeling 'full' all the time. I'm wondering if I'm eating too much.


The Temptations: I don't feel the urge to eat carbs today. I'd say that the temptation is drastically reduced. We went to Costco before lunch and I was mildly hungry but not "hangry." There were stations offering samples of "healthy whole grain granola," cookies, pizza, dips, and various other foods. By the time I found the roast beef station, they had ran out of samples (probably used vegetable oils anyway).

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Day 7


The Food: Had eggs and bacon over a leftover crab cake. For lunch I had a baked potato, sweet potato, pork, and roasted cauliflower and spinach. Dinner was small, just chicken wings and celery.


The Activity: Ran for six miles! Hit a new record in a very long time. :D


The Symptoms:  I am still super happy! Is it really from the food? Or a sense of pride for making it through a whole week with so many temptations that would have squashed me in the past.


The Temptations: Tonight was a going away party. There was open bar, chips, gold fish....and cake. Sweet tempting delicious cake. My husband had a piece and said it was just "OK." He offered me a bite, but only out of standard politeness. He did not wave the cake in my face. Maybe he learned (see day 1). No drink, no chips, no cake....didn't die.

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Week One Recap


I am feeling really great, but still am experiencing some brain fog and distraction. My sugar dragon wasn't threatening at the start, but he does get angry if carbs are not eaten on run days. 


I am noticing that nut butters and dried fruit are igniting a negative psychological response. In other words, they are becoming addicting and a "food with no brakes." For the rest of the Whole30 there will be no more dates or nut butters.


Sleep has drastically improved. There are nights where I still toss and turn before falling alseep, but once I'm asleep..I'm good til morning. Naturally get up at the same time every morning with no alarm, and I'm not groggy at all.


As shown yesterday, I had the energy to run 6 miles, which is a good improvement :)


The biggest thing is that even after 1 week, my anxiety has drastically reduced. There is a sense of pride and accomplishment for making it through 1 week resisting drink and desserts :P I realize in retrospect it's not that long, but hey...I'm happy about it still ;)

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Day 8


The Food: For breakfast I dusted arrowroot over chicken liver and fried it. Paired it with butternut squash. For lunch I roasted a lot of cod fish with tomatoes and peppers and ate that with greens. Had banana and two clementines. I felt like I blew it with the nut butter and raisins. It clearly is my "no brakes" food. Didn't eat any dates though...so progress? :-\


The Activity: Lazy today.


The Symptoms: I'm getting a headache again. I think I didn't drink enough water today. Sleep is good and mood is incredible :D


Temptations: Not really tempted by anything at this point. So yay!

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Day 9


The Food: I made an egg soup with bone broth, carrots, and celery for breakfast. Midday I had a banana and nuts. Dinner was chicken livers and potato.


The Activity: Another lazy day.


The Symptoms: I had a reaaally bad headache. Enough to take me out of half the day. I wondered if it was a bad 'detox.' :P

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Day 10


Whoa! Two digit days  :D


The Food:  I made an egg soup with bone broth, carrots, and spinach similar to yesterday. Midday I had a banana and nuts. Dinner was a chicken salad.


The Activity: I went on a 4 mile run and speed and endurance have improved :D


The Symptoms: No physical ailments, bloating is down, and I feel great!  :wub: 

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