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Day 8-10 excessive anger, bad mood, it's like I'm quitting smoking all over again.


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Hi ladies I'm around 30 years old and I don't normally have a cycle or hommone problems that usually come with it. I've been on birth control for a long time. Day eight started and I started having a lot of anger flareups I would look at my husband and just get angry I felt like I was having detox symptoms similar to quitting smoking. I feel terrible. my insane angry mood swings are still here and most of the time I'm depressed or in a bad mood. I have since kicked up my carb intake thinking it could be low serotonin, but It hasn't worked. I'm working out to curb the extra anger, is anyone else having this issue?

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Hey Sorori! Sorry you're feeling badly, but rest assured, this is entirely normal and it does pass.  Depending on what your intake was like pre-Whole30, your body is going to be going through some adjustments; hormones, converting to fat burning instead of the easier carbs, getting used to not snacking, eating more.  It's a lot to process and the mood swings are part of that, sorry!


Keep on keeping on, check The Timeline (sorry, can't post links at work, but google "Whole30 timeline") and push on.  You're probably right in upping your carbs as most people go too low-carb in their first round.  Maybe post a few days worth of food, fluids, timing and exercise too.  And if you're working out regularly, you need extra food to fuel that too.  Folks here are really good about reviewing your intake and providing tips or suggestions that might allow you to tweak your Whole30 to reduce excessive symptoms.


On the working out note though.....my personal recommendation is to ease up on yourself a bit...............your body is going through a rough adjustment, laying on the bed watching TV might do more for you than punishing your feelings with hard exercise.  Just a thought.  ;)

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Yeah, I had the same problem.  It lasted a good week or so.  I was SOOOO cranky!  I think it was withdrawal from all the sugary stuff I ate before.


Going easier on yourself helps a lot.  I started 'pampering' myself with non-food rewards.  I got a massage a week and went clothes shopping.  Try to focus on doing nice things for yourself that don't involve food. It's not easy at first, but once you change your reward system, it helps.  The crankiness will pass!


And yes, I also took a few naps as well and didn't feel guilty at all!

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