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Completed a Whole50


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Hey All,


I have wanted to post in this area for a while now :)  I had started to let some bad habits creep back in (ie: Sugar when stressed), so in the beginning of October, decided to do a Whole50 starting the day I realized I wasn't feeling as good as I could.


I also do heavy lifting/Olympic Weightlifting, so I am almost done to the 75-kg bracket which makes me a happy lifter as well.  I trained 3-4 times a week during this time as well.


For Non-Scale Victories, I have zero stomach pains!  I used to get 'mystery' pains in the wee hours of the night/morning, but I sleep like a baby now.


Below are my results and a results picture because, Hey! we all know we like a good before and after :D


Before: 190lbs

After: 175lbs

Total Weight Loss: 15lbs



Bust Before: 42"       Bust After: 38.5"

Waist Before: 38.5"  Waist After: 32.5"

Hip Before: 42"         Hip After: 39"

Thigh Before: 26"     Thigh After: 23"

Total Inches Lost: 15.5"



Dead Lift: 210lbs Before - 250lbs After

Squat: 200lbs Before - 230lbs After

Over-Head Press: 83lbs Before - 98lbs After

Bend Press: 115lbs Before - 130lbs After

Total Weight Added: 100lbs


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Wow, impressive transformation. That is some crazy progress on your lifts! 


ETA: And you look like you lost WAY more than 15 lbs!

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With your weight going down and your lifts going up, your strength:weight ratio increased by quite a bit!

You probably already know this, but for others reading the thread, lifts are often represented as a percentage of your bodyweight, and so in that sense she gained like 30%!!

Dead went from 1.1 to 1.43, squat from 1.05 to 1.31, ohp from .44 to .56, and bench from .6 to .74.

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It is how I plan to get to a bodyweight bench press more quickly he he :)  My lifts going up are my most important numbers to me.  Cannot wait for the 1.5x bodyweight squat!


There are a lot of lifters especially bodybuilders who will state you cannot loose fat and put measurable weight onto your lifts, so I am happy to try to show people that you do not need to loose your weight before strength training.  They go beautifully hand in hand.


I could not cut fruit or potatoes out of my diet on my whole50 though. I definitely need the energy and carbs on my training days.

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Yes I do Leelee  :)


That was a tremendous effect as well. I had some huge stressors during that timeframe.  My husband lost his job, I got in a car accident(I am fine, the car was not) and there was some sickness, but about 15 days in was not even tempted to turn to sugar to help 'deal' with things.  It is just not worth it. My weightlifting and eating well is really the best methods to keep me even keeled!  No huge depressive mood swings when I am treating my body properly.


I also found out I am ridiculously intolerant to seeds (tried pumpkin seeds, felt sick for 2 days)  :P ha ha. So seeds, nuts, and dairy just murder my poor stomach.  I will miss ice cream, but not as much as pain-free sleep.

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This is so exciting to see! What an amazing transformation with just 15 pounds honestly it does look like you have lost the best part is that you can see in your face how happy you look! Congratulations thank you for posting this, I love to see you real people with real successes!

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