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December 1st start am I crazy? Yes def. A binge-eater's second Whole30


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Sleep schedule is all out of whack because of work. I ate too much last night which makes me not want to start my Whole30 today but I'm sick of feeling boated and tired and carb-crazed all the time, so I'm doing it anyway. It doesn't matter how you feel, it matters what you do.


Alcohol will be tough for me. Especially since many of my friends are in the food and beverage industry and all we do is go out drinking. But I've done this before (my first Whole30 was in June) so I know I can do it. I feel like its going to be harder in the winter. But maybe it will be easier! Who knows! Only self-experimentation will tell. 



- eat 3  or 4 meals every day

- learn 4 new recipes this month (one for each week)

- get my sleep schedule in order

- take recovery days and get more in touch with when my body needs rest (I'm really bad at this)


Meals for the day!

1. 3 eggs, stewed kale and tomatoes, 1 tbsp ghee

2. homemade bbq pulled chicken, 2 egg muffins w spinach

3. green curry w/chicken and vegetables, tom yum soup


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