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Melinda - Dec 1st Start


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Alrighty...I have been instagram stalking lots of people and I decided it was time to start on December 1st. Let's start logging the meals!


Day 1

7am Breakfast: 2 eggs, sweet potato hash, sautéed spinach and half a slice of sugar free bacon with tea

A couple bites of pear and a couple raspberries before a work meeting that went long

12:30pm Lunch: Aidell's chicken sausage with deli mustard (sugar free), and roasted veggies with rest of pear and a few more raspberries

7pm Dinner: Chicken thighs with carrots/onions/tomatoes cooked in the slow cooker on a bed of spinach with half an avocado. Tea


Day 2

7am Breakfast: 3 eggs, sweet potato hash, sautéed spinach and a slice of sugar free bacon with tea

a handful of plantain chips for a snack at 11

12 Lunch: Taco salad (ground beef, tomatoes, onions on a bed of mixed greens) with guacamole and pico di gallo


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Also - no workouts this week for me...save for chasing twin toddlers around. I definitely have the day 2 headache. Thankfully it is just a little dull thing and not a raging migraine like I normally get. My goals are to eliminate snacking and eat three complete meals a day in a timely fashion. I don't know how to squeeze in workouts/pre-wo and post-wo meals AND stop eating 2-3 hours before bed-time. I get up at 6 and am out the door by 7:45 and then not home until 6:15. I spend time with my children/husband and get the boys to bed at 8. I can work out then, but I am also getting my masters and sometimes I need to do some more work from home. I should ideally be in bed by 10, so I don't see how to squeeze in extra meals. Can they just be my regular meals, but then something after I finish the workout? Like I eat dinner, put boys to bed, workout, little meal, work/school, bed? I don't see any other way. I definitely can't eat twice before working out in the evenings. 


Finally, I am hoping for thicker hair as a non-scale victory (usually lose 30 strands each shower and more during day), more stable monthly hormone levels, and to lose 10-15 pounds in the next few months. I'm 5'5" and 130. A great weight for most people and definitely in line with BMI standards, but I have a VERY small bone structure and I know I'm happiest/healthiest around 115-120.

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I'm not a workout expert, but from what I've read, pre-workout meals are most important for those working out first thing in the morning -- my understanding is it's just a little something (recommended is a little fat and protein, so maybe a hardboiled egg), just to get your body ready to access energy stores as you workout. Post-workout is protein and optionally carbs -- protein to help aid muscle recovery shortly after the workout while muscles are still most receptive to that, and carbs to help replace glycogen that might have been used up in the workout. The more strenuous your workout is, the more important the post-workout meal will be, and my understanding is that it's a very individual thing that people have to play with some to find out what works for them. 


I'm not sure I've explained all that clearly, but if you google Whole30 workout meals, you should find a lot of discussions, and if you have specific questions that you can't find an answer to, you may want to post over in the Whole30 for Athletes section.

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Okay... feeling good today. My headache is gone :) Also, I have been so tired I have been getting a FULL EIGHT HOURS of sleep the last few nights.  :)


Day 2 Dinner was same as day 1 with an added banana at the end.

Day 3 breakfast was same as day 1/2, but I added an apple at the end.

Day 3 lunch - roasted cauliflower, zucchini and brussel sprouts with a few plantain chips and an aidell's chicken and apple sausage with mustard.

Day 3 dinner - roasted brussel sprouts, asparagus and bell pepper with an aidell's chicken and apple sausage with mustard (school tonight so it's a quick and easy dinner!) Will probably also add a piece of fruit.

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Day 3 dinner also included a all beef hotdog.


Day 4 breakfast - bacon and onions and kale (cooked in bacon fat) with 3 scrambled eggs on top. With tea. A handful of raspberries (after my twins picked off which ones they wanted) :)

Day 4 lunch - birthday lunch for someone. Going out today to BurgerFi. Getting two patties with lettuce for buns with tomatoes, onions and, depending on the ingredients, adding mustard and pickles. LOTS OF WATER.


I have found that making sure I have enough fat/protein at each meal in addition to the 2 cups of veggies keeps me fuller longer between meals. Also starting to realize more how much I snacked out of boredom. Sleeping good. My face is breaking out which is a bummer.

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Day 4 dinner - taco salad (beef, sauteed onions and bell peppers on spinach) with salsa. Tea

Day 5 breakfast - bacon and onions and kale with 3 scrambled eggs on top and sweet potato hash. Tea. Closed handful of cashews

Day 5 lunch - all beef hotdog with leftover chicken/apple sausage on spinach with olive oil and mustard with a hardboiled egg. Closed handful of cashews.


(adding lemon slices, cucumber slices, etc helps change the flavor)


SNACKING IS PRETTY MUCH NON-EXISTENT :) And I am starting to notice difference between being hungry and not.  Woke up feeling great :)

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Day 5 dinner - can't remember, but it was probably leftovers :)

day 6 breakfast - left over taco beef with egg on spinach and salsa

day 6 mini-meal - hardboiled egg, cashews, banana (on the road running errands - but avoided eating free pizza and cookies offered to me!)

day 6 mini meal - tuna salad with cucumbers and carrots (only ate half or so)

day 6 mini-meal - hardboiled egg, cashews, banana (on the road running errands again)

day 6 dinner - pulled pork, green beans and sweet potato buns




day 7 breakfast - sweet potato hash, scrambled eggs, spinach, bacon

day 7 lunch - pulled pork, green beans, sweet potatoes

day 7 dinner - pulled pork, green beans, sweet potatoes (using up leftovers!!)

day 7 "dessert" - half and apple with a little bit of cashew butter


I picked up some tessamae's dressing and clarified butter. prepped breakfast and lunch for the week. And I got my grocery bill down $50 this week :)


I had a crazy work week and finals for two classes. I'm glad I finished strong. I am looking at another busy week for work. Hoping to keep my sanity :) Feeling good overall. 

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Day 8 breakfast - sweet potato hash, spinach, 2 eggs and a little bit of bacon. handful of cashews. tea

day 8 lunch - chicken/apple sausage, roasted broccoli and red bell pepper, handful of cashews

day 8 dinner - ground beef, marinara, tomatoes, yellow squash, onions, orange bell pepper "stew." tea.

water all day long :)

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Day 9 breakfast - sweet potato hash, spinach, three eggs and a little bit of bacon

Day 9 lunch - salmon salad with olive oil. LOTS OF YUMMY VEGGIES!

Day 9 dinner - leftover ground beef/veggies from prior day and a few plantain chips


Day 10 was a doozy...

Breakfast - in front of my computer at work. Two hardboiled eggs, spinach/sweet potato hash/bacon

Lunch - in front of my computer at work. chicken/apple sausage, roasted broccoli and red bell pepper. 

Snack before leaving for a work meeting - banana

Mini-meal right before evening meeting for work - hard boiled egg, handful of cashews, carrots

Dinner - butter chicken (didn't come out good. I think it was in the slow cooker too long. ended up pretty dry) with roasted brussel sprouts/carrots and 1 banana and tablespoon of cashew butter afterwards.


I wanted to quit and treat myself a lot today, but I stuck with it. Also, avoided the happy hour after the evening work meeting. I hate long days...

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Day 11 breakfast - mini-quiches (eggs, tomatoes, spinach, onions) on the way to work with tea 

Day 11 lunch - chicken/apple sausage, roasted brussel sprouts/carrots and spinach with mustard

Day 11 dinner - can of tuna with tessamae's dressing and green beans sauteed in ghee. banana and tablespoon of cashew butter


Day 12 breakfast - mini-quiches (eggs, tomatoes, spinach, onions) at home with black coffee, apple and teaspoon cashew butter

Day 12 lunch - Chipotle (carnitas/lettuce/pico/guac)

Day 12 dinner - celebration dinner b/c of something at work - homemade burgers, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, onions, homemade baked sweet and white potato fries 


Day 13 breakfast - pork sausage with leftover homemade sweet potato fries and black coffee, banana/teaspoon cashew buttter

Day 13 lunch - pumpkin soup with bacon


Nightmares last night so my sleep wasn't great. 

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Day 13 dinner-burger with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mustard and homemade sweet and white potato fries

Day 14 breakfast-pumpkin soup and sausage

Day 14 lunch- chicken/apple sausage with carrots and a few leftover sweet potato pieces. Banana and cashew butter

day 14 dinner-chicken thighs with almond flour and cauliflower "rice"

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PS - Does meal prep count as a workout?! LOL Just finished making: "potatoes" o'brien, spaghetti squash, spaghetti meat sauce with veggies, roasted veggies for lunches, cauliflower rice, mahi for lunches, and the chicken for our dinner. And washed all the dishes/put away the food. I'm wiped. :)

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TWO brand new veggies for me today! 

Breakfast - "potatoes" o'brien with two eggs over easy. I have never had a rutabaga before. I think I might have bought one that was not ripe, because it was a BEAST to dice. But, pretty good.

Lunch - mahi with roasted cauliflower/green beans/bell peppers and leftover cauliflower rice

Handful of cashews


Dinner - meat sauce with yellow squash/tomatoes/mushrooms/onions and spaghetti squash. Two plates because it was so good and I was pretty hungry. I have never had spaghetti squash before, but I'm plotting sending my husband to the grocery store tomorrow to get another one :)

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Day 17 breakfast - 2 eggs over easy with pumpkin soup

Day 17 lunch - taco salad handful of cashews

Day 17 dinner - leftover meat sauce with spaghetti squash.


Day 18 breakfast - 2 eggs with "potatoes" O'Brien

Day 18 lunch - leftover meat sauce on leftover cauliflower rice, handful of cashews

Day 18 dinner - chicken salad with roasted veggies, banana with cashew butter


Day 19 breakfast - chicken/apple sausage with roasted veggies


Going well so far. The hardest part will be the last 10 days I think with the holidays. I have been getting in small workouts as well. I also comfortably buttoned a pair of jeans I haven't been able to button since I was pregnant with my twins!!!

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Day 19 lunch - greek salad with compliant dressing and gyro meat.

Day 19 dinner - coconut shrimp and roasted veggies

Day 20 breakfast - two eggs with "potatoes" o'brien

Day 20 lunch - chicken/apple sausage with sautéed carrots

Day 20 dinner - steamed veggies and macadamia nut grouper, fruit

Day 21 breakfast - 2 eggs over spinach banana

Day 21 lunch - three chicken/bacon/tomato/lettuce/red onion sandwiches on sweet potato buns

Day 21 dinner - roasted cabbage with mahi cooked in ghee

Day 22 breakfast - egg/bacon/onion/asparagus frittata

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Day 22 lunch - chicken breast/red onion/tomato with sweet potatoes and avocado

Day 22 dinner - chicken/apple sausage with green beans and tessamae's dressing. banana and cashew butter



After much deliberation and discussion with my husband, I decided to stop whole30 for Christmas. I decided to partake in the occasional treats that are special this time of year. I will still eat according to the plan for most meals the remainder of the year, but I was going to miss out on MANY special events in the next few days. I will start it over officially on January 1st. This has been a great learning experience. Even in breaking whole30 I made wise choices and turned things down I would have always said yes to before. I feel better in my clothes. My hair isn't falling out as much. It's been very successful. I am hoping my husband will join me for the next one. :)

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