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Whole30 Meals with Canned Pumpkin or Cranberries?


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Hi all!


I stocked up on canned pumpkin (compliant) in preparation for holiday baking, but then decided to eat Whole30 style the majority of the month rather than eating all the pumpkin bread and cookies I could churn out.


Does anyone have any good compliant recipes that use pumpkin? Or cranberries? I bought some cranberries as well, but am not sure what to do with them that doesn't involve sugar.


Thanks so much!

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Canned pumpkin (assuming it's not pie filling) is a great addition to mashed cauli.  Chop and then steam a head of cauliflower, add a good amount of the pumpkin, some parsley, garlic, ghee (or lard or whatever fat you like) S & P and then mash using a stick blender for the smoothest mash ever! 


You can freeze the cranberries and use them as "ice cubes" in sparkling water or kombucha for a festive touch.


I made this the other day and found it DELICIOUS:  http://zenbellyblog.com/2012/11/13/its-beginning-to-smell-a-lot-like-thanskgiving/ and it has cranberries in it.


There are also quite a few good cranberry sauce recipes online that are compliant (Clothes Make The Girl has a good one).  No one says you can only slather on cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving or Christmas, it's delicious on roasted chicken or even on a pork burger.


There is a forum thread on here about pumpkin recipes also: http://forum.whole0life.com/topic/7646-pumpkin-recipes/


And of course, there is always SOUP.  Any soup that calls for butternut squash can be subbed with pumpkin, too.

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The Clothes Make The Girl's Cranberry Waldorf Salad was good, I made it for Thanksgiving this year. And it got better over the next few days after I made it, which is good, since no one else in the family seemed to like it. That's okay, more for me! :D .


This one sounds a little weird, but I've tried it and it was really good (obviously, don't use butter, use ghee or coconut oil or whatever you'd normally cook your eggs in):  Pumpkin Scrambled Eggs.


LadyShanny, your link to the zenbelly blog doesn't seem to go anywhere. Now I'm curious what it was supposed to go to.

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  • 1.25 cups whole raw cranberries
    1/2 cup diced apple
    1 small to medium whole unpeeled orange
    1/2 cup sliced strawberries


-Wash all fruit and cut any as needed.

-Squash cranberries or leave whole
-Chop strawberries and apple being careful not to let them get too mushy. Add this to cranberry mix.
-Cut orange into chunks leaving the skin and pith intact. Remove any seeds. Run orange through processor. (this may require you to dice the orange peel before adding to the processor depending on your machine's capabilities)
-Add orange bits to other fruit, mix all thoroughly.


Cook on stove until the cranberries pop....Medium low - Medium heat.

Stir gently, so the bottom doesn't burn.  Stay with it but not stirring constantly.

Green apple is better for helping mixture gel or set up, but use what you have.

When the sauce is set-up, you can tell by looking...let cool and don't stir again.

When cool, carefully put into a container and let remain cooling in bottom of fridge.

Don't put a lid on tightly while cooling.

Do not set in the freezer to try and speed up the process.   It can turn watery on top.


It will be tart but good.

No sugar and no added artificial sweetners.  No sugary sweet orange juice from the carton.

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I love pumpkin.  I like to add it to soups (it makes a nice thick creaminess without needing to add cream).  I like to eat it mashed too, but that's from fresh pumpkin so I'm not sure how it would be canned.  Also, you can mix it with ground meat.  I used leftover cranberries that I found in my freezer as a sauce for chicken breast last week and that was really tasty too.  Also I like to blend pumpkin into my coffee (not sure if that's complient or not?).

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I've gotta try that casserole, Munkers.  (I just automatically sub chopped green beans for any recipe that calls for peas.)


Another thought:  substitute pulled pork for the chicken.  I looooooove combining pork and pumpkin.  They are perfect together.

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