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Physical Transformation


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So I started my whole30 journey on Nov 5th, so it hasnt even been a whole month yet. I am currently overweight but even when I was at my smallest and I thought in the best shape it was really hard for me to run. Ive never been a runner....I HATE RUNNING. I can't even remember a time when I could run longer then 5 mins. I was at my apartment gym the other day and was forced to use the treadmill, I thought what the heck ill try running a little. I ended up running for longer then I ever have, and then the next day I ran a whole mile without stopping. This may be nothing to most people but it is AMAZING TO ME! Also my knees use to hurt really bad when I ran and they don't anymore. I am just shocked by what changing your foods can do for your physical self (not just weight loss) SOOO happy!! I just had to share  :)

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