Finished 1st Whole30....Feeling Fabulous!,


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After roughly a year and a half of some setbacks, my journey started...... Again on Labor Day. I started tracking what I was eating, drank less, continued my workouts and most importantly really watched what I ate. Six weeks later my brother introduced me to the whole30. I wasn't sure I could eat this way but I thought what the heck I'll try it. What really intrigued me was not about losing weight or inches (I was already doing that) but more about how I would feel and what possible ailments (fatigue, joint pain, etc....)I have that might go away or at the least, lessen a bit.

The first week was brutal. I wasn't working so I slept a lot and just detoxed the sugar and other toxins out of my system. I was surprised how easy the month was after that first week. I food prepped and started to find I actually enjoyed cooking. Tried new recipes. Also I had joined a CSA so I was getting tons of organic fresh veggies.

I didn't miss sugar or junk food. It really became a way of life I liked and was able to do. My 31st day was the first day a mini all girl vacation with 2 of my healthiest friends. I didn't go through the reintroduction plan as suggested in the book, however, one thing that I did reintroduce was an alcohol. I didn't go overboard and also Didn't eat any differently than I had during my Whole30 with a few bites of a few things. But considering what I ate, I didn't feel awful but didn't have any desire to return to my old habits.

I decided I would give myself till Thanksgiving to drink and have a few indulgences and then start another Whole 30 until my family vacation (cruise) after Christmas which actually starts on my day 30. I started to miss eating as well as I had been even though I still didn't go crazy.

Tomorrow is the last day of week one and it is nowhere as bad as the first week of my first whole 30. I'm excited to continue this way of eating. I don't want to return to bad habits. My fridge is full of fresh, real, whole foods and my pantry is bare of processed food....except the top shelf that I can't reach and is for my sons junk food that I now have no desire to touch.

My end stats from my journey beginning on Labor Day and my first Whole 30:

21" lost since Labor Day

18 pounds lost since Labor Day

6 1/2 pounds on the whole 30

14.75" on the whole 30

5% Body Fat Loss

Since ending my Whole 30, I have lost 2 more pounds for a solid 20 that puts me right where I like to be. I just started wearing pants I haven't fit into for a year and a half.

Thanks for reading my story.

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