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video re: blood sugar pathway


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Did you notice before our Whole 30 that we used to plan meals around social events?


It seems funny to me now that others are trying to plan so many things around food.  Food has taken a back seat to almost anything for me.   It's just not as important because I'm never really hungry.   I still eat 3 meals aday and have breakfast like a truck driver.   When I was a kid and all through high school/college, I don't ever remember thinking about food.  I was more concerned with my friends and being together than anything that was ever on our plates.   We were so busy with plays, sports, music, dances and homework.


I kept waiting for the tough part of the Whole 30,  but it didn't happen.   Life is so much easier when you don't spend your days constantly thinking about food.  The obsessions over the holiday glut fests and delusions of sugar plum fairies...


I am completely baffled at those who would want to immediately return to sugar fests fueled by cookies and fudge.


Most obstacles melt away when we make up our minds to walk boldly through them.

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Blood sugar and insulin pathway.   Diabetes does not go away gently into the night.   You have to take that bull by the horns and get the job done.  You can't waffle through it or ride both sides of the fence.   You can't waver back and forth through sugar fests and times of sugar abstinence.     Times of restraint and times of indulgence won't get the job done.


You can fight it and you can win....but you can't have it both ways.



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