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FoodSaver woes


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Man, I know that liquid marinades & vacuum bags don't necessarily go together, but for some reason I thought I had it figured out with a series of successes under my belt.

Tonight was not my night.

Tried 5 different times for one steak! Even did a super long bag with like 6" of slack. Finally gave up and did the water displacement method with a freezer bag. Oof.

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Freezer bags work for me.  I make my broth and immediately place in the freezer.    I do put the bags inside a tupperware bowl...just in case there's a blow-out.





For prepped lettuces and cut vege, I always throw one or two paper towels in the freezer bag.  Your vege will keep 2-3 times longer than they normally would.   Replace wet paper towels as needed.




Keep rockin'

and cookin' 

in the free world, brother.



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