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Hi All ~ After having followed (sort of) the ketogenic/paleo eating regimes for the past many months, and experiencing plenty of 'wagon falls,' I've decided to bite the proverbial bullet and join all you Whole 30'ers out there. So the restrictiveness of the diet doesn't scare me, particularly - except for the lack of dairy (butter, in particular) and my old, fiendish friend, alcohol.


I am content, knowing that this is probably the craziest time of year to begin, but am convinced that my body can't handle all the crap food and drinks much longer before it goes on an all-out strike. Being stuck at home close to the bathroom (sorry - perhaps too much TMI, there) is getting REALLY annoying, not to mention boring and depressing!


So - have been to the grocery store yesterday to pick up 'normal' Whole30 staples and am off in a few minutes to the local farmer's market for all the fresh goodies they have there. Seriously - the very best broccoli and eggs I've ever tasted! A couple years ago, I would've never said that broccoli and eggs are 2 of my fave foods, but weird as it sounds, they are. Who knew??


Cheers to all! 

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