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Anyone similar looking for an accountability buddy?

Heidi Staddon

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I'm looking for an AB, an "accountability buddy". Are you interested?

While not new to the W30, my staying power leaves much to be desired. (After a week, a feel good enough and start thinking 'eh I've got this!'... And promptly self-sabotage. Then the self-loading kicks in and I sink low, low, low. Then I crall back into reality and get myself "right" again... Only to repeat.

I'm training for my first half marathon and am very scared (to be honest) that I'll simply never get this right. My race is in February so at this point, I'm feeling good while running but get very nervous thinking about my long runs and detoxing and fat adapting all now.

Can you tell I'm rather manic about this, too? Lol

I am reaching out because I have no one in my home to support me and I really, really need that support. Is there anyone out there in a similar situation? Would you like support in return? A sounding board. A cheerleader.

Thanks for reading. If this isn't coolio, moderators, I apologize

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Heidi, you are not alone in the self sabotaging! Have you read "It Starts With Food?" I found chapter 4 called "You Brain On Food" especially enlightening! You need to know that YOU ARE in control! Food and emotions are not the boss! :) You know where you trip up, you can anticipate it, and then push through and come out the other side and be AMAZED! :) The first time I did a strict Paleo diet I honestly didn't think I was capable of going more than a few days without caving in! When I finished the 8 weeks it was SO empowering!! I felt like I could accomplish anything!!


And don't fret about the running too! I remember when I couldn't run to the end of my street (1/10th of a mile) without feeling like I was dying! I just finished my 7th half marathon last month :) I distinctly remember being fearful of those long runs initially, but they soon became my favorite workout of the week! If it helps at all, when I'm unsure of myself I think of all of the people who run those races (I've been to races w/ 30,000+ runners!) and I think "If they can do it, then I can push through this next mile!"  By nature, I'm not a competitive person, but this does help me! Hope it helps yoU!

And way to go with all you've done! What race are you training for???

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