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Can I vent please?


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I need to vent for a minute and where better than here?  My husband and I are traveling now, visiting relatives and stopping along the way.


Here are my issues:


Relatives:   I wrote a very nice email to my sister-in-law before we arrived telling her about my food plan and asking if she had certain foods (organic eggs, olive oil, etc) or should I bring them?  She assured me she had them.  She told me she was cooking salmon the first night. Great.  I asked if she would mind leaving one piece plain and iIwould cook it.  When we arrived there was delicious looking salmon completely covered  in a soy sauce marinade. When I (very nicely) questioned it she said, "well the end piece only has a little bit of sauce on it.  You'll be fine."


Restaurants:  Up until now I have been finding it very easy to eat out .  Maybe because I am from NYC where there kinds of things are common.  Note:  we are visiting the Midwest right now. Last night we were in an Italian restaurant and I ordered a ckn breast grilled in olive oil.  No problem.  Then i got cocky and asked him to throw on some onions peppers and mushrooms.  The grilled chicken came out doused in a brown sauce which i assume was a marsala or something.  I didn't have the heart to complain, again so I poured it off and did my best.  I am actually past my 30 days so it wasn't as bad as it would have been last week.


Next:  the waiter in another restaurant who explained to me that the dish I was ordering only had  A LITTLE BIT OF SUGAR so I would "be fine."  If I had a peanut allergy would a dish with just a little bit of peanuts be just fine?


Anyway--I am trying NOT to be that guy and am doing my best but why is it so hard for people to accept that you are serious about this?


Ok.  End of my rant. Thanks for listening.

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Frustrating indeed.


FWIW, you did everything within your control to make reasonable requests. It's annoying that others feel their modifications to your requests would "be fine" to you - I personally find that behavior disrespectful. 


Sigh, keep on truckin' ...

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