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Whole 21? (Currently Day 7) Then Full whole 30 in January


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Hello All,


I feel so fortunate to have been exposed to this book, program, and community. I am looking to minimize the following conditions or symptoms (PCOS, Eczema, Inflammation, back and shoulder pain, and obesity).  I have been reading the book for several days and the light bulb has just gone completely on. So much so that I'm starting a mini whole 30 (At least 21 days for the time before the holidays) just simply because of the fact that I no longer want to take in moods that are gong to make me less healthy. I love the way the book is written, its really a great eye opener. I have been Whole30 for 7 days now and I can already feel the difference (less bloating, skin is clearing up). I am most excited to start January guns blazed and experience a full 30 days. I look forward to making connections with as many people as I can.

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