3 Day Business Travel Trip


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Hello All,


I am new to the Whole30 program. I am currently on day 7 and starting tomorrow I must fly out for 3 days for a business trip. I am nervous and scared and determined to stay compliant during these days. My plan so far involves the following:


1. Once I get through the gates tomorrow AM I want to purchase as many containers or pieces of fruits and vegetables that I can.

2. I have purchased 3 single servings of raw almonds one for each day.

3. Let the team (who I have never met in person before) know my dietary restrictions up front.

4. I will be working crazy hours but perhaps I can find a 24hour Walmart or grocery store to get other



Does anyone have any other tips or strategies please?

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I don't shop at the airport, but I do pack a couple of non-perishables. I would think any veggies you can find would be packaged with other things you don't want, like factory dip or cheesefood.  Depends on your home airport, and the refrigerated food vendor Cibo is getting pretty good at having healthy stuff. 


If I'm not in a foodie city, I generally try to choose kitchenette hotels if they're within price guidelines, and locate the nearest market.  How I get to the market depends on the city and the details of the trip.  I rarely rent cars any more and with the brands I favor, I can usually get the hotel shuttle service to get me to a decent market and come back in an hour if I'm staying within shuttle range of the airport.  I make my breakfast, wing it for lunch, and make dinner if I'm in a podunk or go out with the crew in major metros.  I ask for enough time after the end of day before we gather to go out to use the hotel gym, gaining not only the obvious benefits but also pushing dinner later so that I can easily span to the morning.


Not to add any stress here, and I love raw almonds as much as you do, but they're not great as a daily.  They're PUFA-dominant and better to have 2x a week-ish.

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