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New Thought Process on Weight Loss


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Hey guys. Day 12 here and it feels so weird how time has flown by relatively quickly. I think this is partly due to my work life being crazy hectic.


I currently feel great. This week I survived 3 days of business travel staying compliant which is big for me because usually business trips are my biggest binge times since the food is free and when I get to my hotel every night all I want to do is eat.


Originally I had planned to do my full 30 days in January and I was just going to be following the rules in December because I truly believe in the science behind the book and I just didn't want to eat foods that would make me less healthy.


Now I'm currently contemplating just going full force into the holidays and complete my whole30 in December. I have much more to gain with whole30 then with several days of drinking and binging junk. We shall see.


Either way I;m proud of myself thus far. I even purchased a book for my mother in hopes that she will join me in January.


This is the first time where I'm not rushing weight loss or obsessing about it. I'm way more interested in getting my whole body healthy and balanced (the weight will come off eventually). Feels weird to this this way but it feels good to not have all the pressure in the world that in exactly a certain amount of weeks I NEED to lose a certain amount of lbs.


I haven't weighed myself before I started my December whole journey and I wont before my January whole30. My main goal for once is to be healthy and like the way I look (not be a slave to a number on a scale). Progress is progress, if it takes me 2 years to lose these extra pounds (estimating at least 60) then let it. I'm committed to this journey and I cant wait to see what 2015 will bring me.

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This post brought a smile to my face :).  It's great to hear how good you're feeling & how comfortable you're getting in your own skin.  I think that it's a brilliant idea to not step on the scale for a few months and just love yourself as you are. 


I've been transitioning my way into a Whole30 over the past few weeks, and I've gained 8 pounds but I fit more comfortably into my smallest jeans.  So, don't focus on the scale!  I'm looking good, feeling good, and totally sold on this way of eating.  I can't wait to see how I feel during the stricter Whole30!

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