New Mommy, New Lifestyle...start date of 1.2.15


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Greetings all, 


My name is Ella...I am 29, a Middle School Teacher, an artist, and like all of you: a lover of food. 16 days ago I gave birth to my beautiful little man (7 weeks early). His name is Porter and he is the love of my life. 


Prior to my pregnancy, I considered myself a fairly healthy and educated woman. I have been doing nutrition and agriculture research for a few years in line with my pipe dreams of one day owning a sustainable restaurant or cafe. This passion all began when I realized that the skin conditions I had struggled with for many years were due to an intolerance to gluten and dairy. Since cutting those from my diet, my skin has cleared up and my energy level has sky rocketed.


During my pregancy however, I found my will power lessened and my healthy eating habits disregarded. I constantly found myself making excuses to eat anything, and in any proportion. I gained 75 did not help that I also developed preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome (cause for the early c-section), and was on bed rest for about 2 months. For someone that is used to running and yoga constantly...this was psychologically exhausting!


Since the surgery, I have lost 15 lbs and my motivation to make wiser decisions about what I eat has returned. A good friend of mine has had much success with Whole30, and I have been making preparations to begin this program since she told me about it back in October. 


I can't wait to begin my journey and eat such wonderful foods!

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