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Whole30, ketogenic style!

DISCLAIMER: this will be my 3rd "official" Whole30, and I have many years under my belt of eating paleo-esque. I am fairly lean and fit, and have good bloodwork. Keto (and even W30) is not a 'quick fix' for me and I'm not looking for anything magical. It's simply an experiment in a different way of eating.

A lot of people doing keto use dairy quite a bit, but there are some 'dairy free keto' resources (still looking for more):









Grain Brain http://www.amazon.com/dp/031623480X

The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008BYG7RW

Online communities:





Scripts for MyFitnessPal to show net carbs and macro percentages in your food diary:



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Starting on January 1st, partly as a 'tune things up after holiday partying' and partly as a wink-and-nod to the New Year's resolution folks who seem to start the year with the best of intentions and then fall off quietly.

I've done grain-free before but never low-carb specifically. I'm interested to see how the first couple weeks goes. A buddy of mine dabbled for a while in making his own pemmican ... he was who I first heard from about that guy who lived with the Inuit for a while eating a zero carb diet (all seal and whale products). Also I guess years when the Army experimented with low carb, it got pretty miserable for the 'volunteers'.

Reading newly 'paleo'd' people's accounts of low carb flu and sugar detox sometimes makes me smile because I wonder how much is psychosomatic, however I figure when I actually enter a ketotic state then I'll really understand what's what.

My lifestyle is quite active, including lots of bicycling, some weights, and general monkey bars/Ninja Warrior/goof off-type of activity. The performance/energy level question of low carb is something I'm very much interested in experiencing ...

Hopefully gluconeogenesis (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gluconeogenesis) is all it's cracked up to be. :)

I've done intermittent fasting for several years now (typically 1p-9p feeding window, toss in a 24h fast every now and then just 'cuz), not for weight loss but for a lot of the theoretical benefits (can go in to that in another thread).

Point is, I'm familiar with the whole 'biohacking' thing, and so hopefully a transition into keto won't be too crazy of a time for me.

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thanks for starting this thread, and for the resource links! 


i'm planning to make some pemmican (a la ray audette) before jan 1, in prep for keto whole 30 - did you or your buddy have good results making it? any good instructions/recipes to recommend?

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This ain't your first rodeo.    I'll be watching, maybe tipping my toe in the water.   I have a relative doing a W30 with fish proteins only.  Ummm... having the best time and results.   Their mental state is off the hook happy.  Energy levels soaring.   Complete satiety and zero hunger/cravings.




These are good recipes.  Celery root.  broc.gif

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Pemmican is a concentrated mixture of fat and protein used as a nutritious food. The word comes from the Cree word pimîhkân, which itself is derived from the word pimî, "fat, grease".] It was invented by the native peoples of North America. It was widely adopted as a high-energy food by Europeans involved in the fur trade and later by Arctic and Antarctic explorers, such as Robert Falcon Scott and Roald Amundsen.

The specific ingredients used were usually whatever was available; the meat was often bisonmooseelk, or deer. Fruits such as cranberries and saskatoon berries were sometimes added. Cherriescurrantschokeberriesand blueberries were also used, but almost exclusively in ceremonial and wedding pemmican.

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Traditionally, pemmican was prepared from the lean meat of large game such as buffalomooseelk or deer. The meat was cut in thin slices and dried over a slow fire, or in the hot sun until it was hard and brittle. About five pounds of meat are required to make one pound of dried meat suitable for pemmican. Then it was pounded into very small pieces, almost powder-like in consistency, using stones. The pounded meat was mixed with melted fat in an approximate 1:1 ratio. In some cases, dried fruits such assaskatoon berriescranberriesblueberries, or choke cherries were pounded into powder and then added to the meat/fat mixture. The resulting mixture was then packed into rawhide bags for storage.

A bag of buffalo pemmican weighing about 90 pounds was called a taureau by the Métis of Red River. It generally took the meat of one buffalo to fill a taureau.


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The bison/buffalo meat I've had tasted like strong-flavored beef, ever-so-slightly gamey but delicious!

That is accurate, dr. emily.


Hutlifr - bison that are raised on a game ranch







taste different than the wild ones.






 Wild ones can be mossy, gamey.




Makes me want to bring one in the house to stand by the fire.





  The Bear has an inordinate love for all wild game.   I do not.    He'll tell you that everything wild tastes just like beef.  NOooooo, it does not.   If you've been raised on wild game (moi) it definitely does not  taste like beef.   Having game occasionally can be a real treat.   Have it every single day for 20 years and you can get burned out on it .    I never tire of good beef.   If I was really hungry, I could survive on wild game, fish, pine cones and twigs.



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So, it looks like the best practice re: macros is to keep carbs under a given threshold, set protein based on bodyweight, and use fat to fill in the rest.  Seems a lot of people end up going too low on fat when they drop carbs, sticking with chicken breast, tuna, etc.  And then if protein is too high relative to fat, you've got gluconeogenesis and therefore you don't get the ramped up ketone production we're looking for.


Being Whole30'ers, we've already got much love for coconut oil and avocado, so hopefully keeping the fats up should be a piece of SWYPO cake!

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Just curious if anyone else going keto will be using keto-stix or other such tools to determine if they are truly in ketosis? I think I'd like to monitor it for awhile to see if how I'm "feeling" corresponds to actually being in (or out) of ketosis. If anyone has done this before do you have any brand recommendations or insight to share?

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Ya I'll be doing ketosix at first, but from what I've read they've got two big problems:

1) they only show *excess* ketoes in your urine, so you could be in a state of ketosis and not show purple on the strip

2) it's only going to register acetone (acetate?), not beta-hydroxybutyrate which is only going to show up in a blood test.


So since it's my first time going keto I'm going to use them to 'get a feel for it' but from what I gather it's not something that the veterans are using.

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Ya I'll be doing ketosix at first, but from what I've read they've got two big problems:

1) they only show *excess* ketoes in your urine, so you could be in a state of ketosis and not show purple on the strip

2) it's only going to register acetone (acetate?), not beta-hydroxybutyrate which is only going to show up in a blood test.


So since it's my first time going keto I'm going to use them to 'get a feel for it' but from what I gather it's not something that the veterans are using.

Will you be Going Keto....Inuit style?  I know someone who is.   They started out at 350 and released 175 #'s  using fish only.  Their hair grew back in (going bald) and skin is shrink wrapped.   No batwings.  It reversed the downward spiral of diabetic neuropathy.  It was a drastic measure with drastic improvements...working out with weights every day helped.    If this person should revert backwards to the SAD...my concern is that the eating disorder will return, too.  Energy level is off the hook and their mind/thinking is sharp and clear.   It's amazing.   From what I've read, Keto veterans say...lots of luck adding carbs back.

What say you.   How will someone who's eliminated every single carb be able to reintroduce them without immediate rebound weight gain...

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Well, full Inuit style would mean no green veggies either, so I won't be doing it that way.  There will be plenty of broccoli, mixed green, and hopefully cucumbers and whatever other good stuff I can fit inside the net carb window. :)


re: adding carbs back in, I'm looking at keto for all the reasons besides weight loss, so I haven't really formed an opinion yet on what to do "after" (whenever that might be for me). I guess for your friend I would point them at Paleo- or Primal-type eating, adding back carbs via roots, or doing experiments with other higher-carb veggies and see if they can maintain relatively fat-adapted.

Also, re: water weight each carb gram "attaches" to I think 3 grams of water, so there will always be that extra weight.  But carrying that should also mean you aren't flushing electrolytes as often as when in full ketosis, so I suppose the trade off of not having to drink and supp sodium & potassium and pee so much might be worth it. :)

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For those new to the Ketostix, you'll get your best reading when you first wake up, as you're a little dehydrated. Drinking a lot of water can hide the results in some people. It's also an On/Off thing, you can't be in more or less ketosis, it's on or off. Some people try and go high purple, but you don't need it.


If you want to measure it in your blood, you can get portable Glucose/Ketone meters that do that now (some are very expensive, check how much the strips are before you buy one). If you want to save your pennies, wait at least a week from the first ketosis measure on your Ketostix, Nutritional Ketosis takes quite a while to get into.


Make sure you have a magnesium supplement in case of leg cramps :) If you get a weird toe-only cramp, that's potassium, have an avocado :)

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Happy New Year everybody! How was Day 1 of your KETwhOle30?


My main recurring Keto lunch and dinner meals/menus:


(my breakfast is always Bulletproof Coffee plus a scrambled, fried or poached egg or two)

  • slow cooker pork tenderloin, belly, short ribs, lamb rack, beef roast, oxtail with vegies
  • taco seasoned ground meat over salad greens, with guacamole
  • pan-fried lamb or pork chops, steamed vegies with herb and/or lemon butter
  • bacon burgers with homemade MCT mayo and/or guacamole, salad greens
  • baked fish with vegies
  • coconut milk seafood chowder
  • meatballs / meatloaf, steamed vegies with herb and/or lemon butter
  • kelp noodles simmered in MCT pesto, + protein (I use chicken or shrimp)
  • chef salad / chopped salad / cobb salad
  • smoked salmon with avocado and/or herb butter
  • eggs - poached, scrambled
  • coconut milk-based crustless quiche


  • onions & garlic & shallots
  • cauliflower - roasted; or riced and cooked in bone broth and buttered; or steamed until very soft and blended with lots of butter
  • roasted broccoli, broccolini, asparagus, bok choy
  • well-steamed greens (kale, collards, spinach)
  • steamed green beans
  • zoodles - zucchini, spiralized, boiled in bone broth
  • zucchini - pan-fried, baked or roasted slices
  • cucumber noodles with "Sunshine Sauce"
  • cabbage - cut into strips ("caboodles"), pan-fried or oven-roasted
  • salad greens

Salad dressings & sauces to keep things interesting:

  • MCT lemonaitte
  • MCT mayo-based ranch
  • Avocado-based ranch
  • Baconnaise
  • Chimichurri
  • Garlic aioli
  • Pestos (basil, parsley, cilantro) - I use macadamias as the nuts for their high fat count
  • Sunshine Sauce
  • Hollandaise
  • Bechamel
  • Lemon butter
  • Herb butters
  • Garlic butter
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My Day 1 was great! Did 15g net carbs (37g total). Didn't do NEARLY enough water though --- part of that is my excuse that I didn't bring my Nalgenes with me on this current work trip ... I'm back home tomorrow though so I'll be able to get that sorted.

Your list looks great Emily! What recipe do you use for the BPC?

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I'm glad you started this topic. I'm doing no fruits, no nuts, no squash, no roots because they are all too irritating for my stomach. I am doing a lot of green veggies and I'm not counting carbs, so maybe I won't be in ketosis, but I am going to follow this thread. Your posts are very motivating!

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