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My first Whole30 Adventure


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So this is my first post and I am going use it as an introduction as a method of letting the community know what I plan on doing. Along the way any help or criticism or corrections are more than welcomed. 


Starting January 1st, 2015 I am going to embark on a journey the likes of which I have never experienced nor even remotely tried.I have been lurking around the whole9 website and reading on whole30 for some time now, the concept seems pretty simple eat clean, get healthy its not brain surgery, but yet so many times have I ignored such a simple process. So I will begin my Whole30 journey and I plan on posting to the forums everyday and updating once a week, for the first 30 days, I also plan on using my instagram and a youtube channel as a way to record my progress visually. For now I just wanted to get the introduction started and get going, I plan on having my next post be January first with links to everything.


See you soon.  

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