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85MotherOf4AK post W30 vacation


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Well I am currently on day 28. It has Been an amazing journey. I am eager to see what my results are in numbers. I am trying to focus on the fact I probably didn't lose weight. I did not add working out, I still snacked (which is totally allowed for me as I am breastfeeding), and I just dot want to be disappointed if nothing has changed or worst, I gained. But their have been great changes.

On the plus side I am still losing baby weight (TinyGuy is just 4 months), my husband compliments how good I am looking everyday, my sister said my face looks thinner when we skyped, I am wearing a pair of jeans that I never have before, because when I bought them two years ago they were too small, my nails are harder, and my skin is clearer.

I started this forum because I am going on family holiday soon. We leave on day 31! I am so nervous about reintro on the trip. I am super scared of having a reaction while on vacation and feeling miserable. I don't want to be annoying asking a million questions of my in-laws about food prep, cooking methods, or being preachy about food awareness.

I know I will have a few glasses of wine. I know I am gonna try some dairy! That's what I miss the most, but other than that I don't know if I am going to want to even try anything else. I feel like I will end up trying grain as my husband Loves Loves Loves authentic. Mexican Food! So I started this post for recording my progress or back sliding depending how the trip goes, as well as feedback/ hints/ tips to surviving this!

It is worth mentioning my kids did this W30 for half the time and my husband just ate dinners with us. When we return from Texas we are all starting and doing a Whole Whole 30 together as a family! I am super excited about it! We plan to transition the whole family following that. My husband is not much of a reader, but I have been telling him about everything I am reading. I have read "It Starts With Food" and purchased many cookbooks! But, we recorded the show "Food Inc" and watched it together and it put all I have been reading and saying into perspective. He is now on board and ready to start when we get home as well.

So this forum is for vacation and I will start a new one when we start as a family. I really wish I would have created one for this first whole 30. I have found it is extremely nice to share and discuss the things you are experiencing and to try and share and help others on their journey!

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May I suggest that perhaps you don't need to stand on a scale and see what effect gravity's pull has on your body in order to determine what your success has been?


"There have been great changes": looking noticeably good to others, face thinner, jeans fit, nails great, skin awesome, feeling good (I assume).  What would be the point of standing on the scale? Does it even really matter?


Check out these posts for "Scale free bliss"








Congratulations on your soon to be successful Whole30!

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Well here we are Day30. We leave tomorrow! So excited and nervous! I went ahead and took the plunge and weighed and measured myself since there will be NO time tomorrow to even think. Getting 4 kids up ready through airports and across the country is always an exciting adventure.

Well here it is:

Before After. Loss/gain

W: 188.6 lbs. 173.1lbs. 15.5 lbs

BF%36.4. 33.8. 3%

BF weight 68.7. 58.3. 10lbs

Water 46. 48.2. 2lbs

Bone mass 7.0. 7.0. Same

Bust 55 in. 54 in. 1in

Chest 37 in. 35 1/2 in. 1 1/2

Waist 45 in. 37 in. 8in

Hips 44 in. 40in. 4in

Thighs 24in. 23 in. 1 in

Total inches lost 15 1/2"

Total weight loss 15 1/2 lbs

Keep waiting to wake up and this be a dream. I know I could have been more strict. I snacked more then I probably should have but I am breastfeeding. Plus I did not workout at all. Besides chancing kids, cleaning and cooking.

Round 2 starts when we get back. Plan to be stricter on mini meals instead of snacks. And definabtely going to use the gym membership I am paying for monthly!

Well I will keep you posted on how this vacation goes!!

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I am feeling amazing. I first noticed my finger nails were harder, them my skin cleared up. It was not really bad but the improvements were noticible, then my sister said that my face was thinner when we were skypeing. Then I noticed that the circles under my eyes that have been an issue as long as I can remember were getting lighter. Now they are almost nonexistent. I feel confident and beautiful without makeup for the first time in my life! My husband started complimenting how good I looked daily from about day 10 on. I am fitting close that have been in the back of my closet for 4+ years. My daughter says mommy " you are not fat anymore:)" outta the mouths of babes. I still have a ways to go until my middle is where I want it, but am loving the results!! With stricter mini meals instead of snacks and actually hitting to gym I hope to see more results after my next 30. Which my whole family will be starting sometime in January after we return from vacation.

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Well so far so good. I tried some street tacos. Meat, cilantro, onion and lime on cir tortillas with salsa. No reaction from the tortillas. And they were amazing.

Went to Papadeaux it was delicious. They have a flute free menu and many compliant options for sides. I had some shrimp and brocollini and acorn squash.

Breakfast today was an omlet from the hotel with lots of veggies as a side of fruit. Tried a yogurt but it was so sugary I could not finish it. Also had a mocha that was to sugary I could take more then two drinks. Guess I am a black coffee girl now!

I also had some cheese with my fruit, veggies, and nuts on the plane with no reaction. I just found I didn't want to eat as much as I normally would have of the cheese,

So, so far so good!

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Ran around visiting family and had a chicken sulvlaki at a Greek resteraunt only ate the whole pita it was on and waited to see. No reaction. Then for dinner we ate hibachi limited rice intake. Really haven't had any negative reactions so far. It seems odd. Also had two glasses of wine. Love my reds!

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Totally off track now:( I know it is not what I want. I cannot wait to return home and get back on track. Whole30 again. I wish I had just stuck with it for this whole trip. I feel disappointed in myself even though I knew I would reintro things. Every time I eat non compliant I am disappointed in myself. It is just so much easier to do at home.

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