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wonky brain and whole30


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Does anyone have any experience with cerebella ectopia and whole30/paleo lifestyle? 


I have had some MRI results back which have shown cerebella ectopia and they are trying to put me on medication to manage migraines, too. It's like a type of brain hernia, where the brain tries to push itself out of the skull at the bottom!!


I know diet wouldn't cure anything like this, but I'm wondering if reducing inflammation and balancing hormones etc would help take the stress off the brain?



ETA http://jackkruse.com/do-you-have-a-grain-brain/ just found this, which is interesting reading :)

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I don't have any experience with this and I am so sorry you're going through it. But I can say with confidence that "reducing inflammation and balancing hormones" is good for everything that ails us. Eating W30 style can only support you as you go through this, especially if you can commit to stress reduction in the process.


Wishing you lots of luck and love through this journey!

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I agree with Lady M, you will never go wrong eating healthy, nutritious foods that are not hormonally, psychologically or physically destructive. Since you are in it thick at the moment with your body, the best thing you could possibly do is provide that body with all teh building blocks it needs to help maintain and heal you; protein, fat and veggies.

I wish you all the best, strength to handle whatever comes.

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"Low carb/keto as we know is proven to be miraculous in autoimmune brain  and epilepsy so...yeah, W30/Paleo. 
The origins of cerebellar ectopia are not well understood. The condition is congenital in nature and it may not be apparent until adolescence or adulthood. Medications can help with the management of cases primarily characterized by pain and discomfort, while more aggressive options might need to be considered if a patient experiences substantial hardship because of the condition."
Written by Deb 


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