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Whole 30 #2 Here I Come!


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In the spring of 2014 I completed a Whole 30 and continued to live by many of the nutritional learnings from that period for the rest of the year. However for the past month I've been eating chocolate (I've never really been a sweets eater but it started with trying a bite of lava cake for the first time and since then - yikes! In fact I just finished 3 Almond Rocha pieces!) and processed carbs.


Surprise, surprise (said with great sarcasm):  I feel lethargic, insomnia has returned as have mood swings. 


I can not wait to start a Whole 30 and have targeted January 2nd as D day. Before then I'm stocked up to start juicing and try to balance my system a bit in the meantime.



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