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Holiday gift to myself. Starting 2nd Whole30 today 12/21


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Its hard for me even to post this because I have restarted my second Whole30 so many times this month, always to give up after a few days and say 'meh, I'll start next week instead.' But I need the support of the community. And I'm sure I'm not the first person to restart multiple times and have a hard time sticking to it, so maybe someone can relate. Tell me your stories, please!


I start rehearsals for a play on January 6th and I want to go into that experience healthy, clear headed and feeling confident in my body. I want to focus on my work and not worry about whether or not I'm getting fat from all that ricotta and baguette I ate over the weekend (I am).


I'm sick of waking up tired, bloated and hungover from the previous night's wine and cheese and bread binge. Christmas at my parents house in Minnesota will be difficult, and New Year's Eve in New York City with all my friends will be even more difficult, but I am trying to focus on all the good I am doing for myself, rather than the deprivation. This is the Christmas present I am giving myself. 
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