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Pre-workout nutrition ideas for early cross fit class


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I get up at 4:45am for a 5:30am cross fit class.  I normally don't eat before, and I notice that I routinely run out of steam during a longer, cardio intensive workout.  Also, I can't eat breakfast for at least another 30-45 min after the workout.


Two questions:

1. The Whole30 guide says to use some protein and fat pre-workout that are easily digestible...can you give me some ideas on what would be quick and easy to digest before the workout?

2. Since I can't eat breakfast immediately after the workout, can you give me some ideas for what to eat immediately after the workout? 

I am pretty lean, not interested in losing weight & have a hard time putting on muscle weight.  I prefer to use whole foods for this pre- and post-workout nutrition as opposed to my friends who use the supplements and shakes.

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