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Whole 30 starting 24th December, for life.


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Hi everyone!


I'm Lisa, from Melbourne and just found this great forum.


After feeling absolutely dreadful all my life (still love life yet constantly feel like I've been hit by a truck), I've recently been diagnosed coeliac and have adrenal exhaustion, causing damage to my liver and thyroid.


Dr says I have to be gluten, sugar, dairy and caffeine free. Ive been paleo for last ?2 years yet gained 30kg in last 8 months alone, hence one of the symptoms for diagnosis. Dr says this way of eating is probably for rest of my life.


I have chosen 24th December to start as I am taking my young niece and nephew into city tomorrow for Christmas lights and I find it hard to be strict around them. Therefore, probably not a great day to start.


Looking forward to feeling amazing, energised and hopefully a side effect is weight loss...I've signed on for NYC Marathon in nov! At 130kg (although I love exercise, can't drop the kgs) and struggling with fatigue, I'm determined to get there!!


Enough rambling, lovely to join you all!


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Congratulations on making the decision to take on a Whole30, sounds like in your context it is going to help you sort out some food intolerances and issues and hopefully you'll start to feel better!


Take note that the Whole30 usually has a 1-10 day period of acclimatization which can be difficult and uncomfortable and if you are also suffering with Adrenal issues, you probably want to be extra nice to yourself during this period, more resting, more water, more gentle self talk.


Best of luck, keep us posted!

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