NYT: Sugar Season. It's Everywhere, and Addictive.


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>And we don’t mean addictive in that way that people talk about delicious foods. We mean addictive, literally, in the same way as drugs.
> In animal models, sugar produces at least three symptoms consistent with substance abuse and dependence: cravings, tolerance and withdrawal. Other druglike properties of sugar include (but are not limited to) cross-sensitization, cross-tolerance, cross-dependence, reward, opioid effects and other neurochemical changes in the brain.

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The only sugar we have in our home is honey.  But everyone else has sugar!  It's so many places, and people think its a great treat to give to a toddler.  Why people, WHY????  At the farmers market a vendor tried to give my son a candy cane. I saw GMO corn syrup and red dye #40.  My son's brain went crazy with the promise of a dopamine reward.  Then the crying insued.  Yesterday I took him for a hair cut.  The lady handed him a lollipop and some sweeties.  WTF? Why don't people ask the parents first?  I have my own troubles with food cravings and we are trying to give our kids better and set our kids up to have a palate for healthy foods.

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Oh my gosh, I'm living the same way!!! My stepson eats total CRAP. It's very difficult to get him to eat healthy. He actually mocks healthy foods and prefers junk food. It's a running joke with him. I feel terrible. My fiancée has tried to have discussions with the boy's mother but she gets extremely defensive. It feels like a losing battle. Like there's no winning and it honestly breaks my heart. If you find a solution to your similar situation, PLEASE SHARE!!!


Best wishes.

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