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Is it the dried fruit?

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I basically did two Whole30s back to back, with a couple of weeks vacation in the middle.

The first one, I experienced what's "supposed" to happen. I slept great. I lost about 10 pounds. I learned to cook more vegetables with every meal. I had macadamia nuts and cashews fairly regularly. Picked up eating strawberries and blueberries (sometimes in coconut milk).

This time around, my sleep feels pretty poor. Before it was like I couldn't not fall asleep at around 10:30. Now I'm back to insomnia. I haven't really changed weight at all. And I'm trying to decide what the difference is. I think maybe I'm having dried apricots more often. When I have them in the house, I have a couple with breakfast and a couple while I'm cooking dinner when I get home.

But I also discovered that I like fried green plantains, so I've added that in as a vegetable option. Bad move?

My breakfasts are still my basic hash of sweet potato, peppers, mushrooms, and 3 eggs.

Lunch is either a salad with chicken, avocado, pine nuts, walnuts, sundried tomato, beets, and carrots or chicken with chimichurri, tostones, and brussel sprouts (or mushrooms).

Dinner varies the most. Tonight will probably be chorizo with sauteed vegetables.

I also added drinking brewed cacao beans, but I don't put anything in it.

What do you all think?

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Dried fruit and fried green plantains is a lot of sugar. I don't know how much caffeine you might be getting in the brewed cacao beans, but those parts of your diet might be causing sleep problems. I would not count plantains as a vegetable. It is really a tough banana.

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