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Just a First-Timer on Day 17 Feeling a Little Doubtful.


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Hi there, I am so not a "forum" person, hopefully this works and I get notified if there are responses...


Well, like the title says, this is my first time doing the Whole30 and i'm feeling just slightly doubtful. 


The reason: wouldn't have minded some weight loss by now, haven't noticed "boundless energy!".


I am of course content about the fact that I am not chowing down on some organic chips and a handful of cookies within my day, and that I am consuming an amount of vegetables that I am happy about, more balanced meals and all that - peace of mind.


But yeah.  -- the concerns I stated above.


What I think I could do to improve: I am snacking sometimes. Apples with almond butter, and a hefty amount of almond butter. I know that snacking is not what Whole30 is about. I've also had dehydrated bananas (don't worry, that was the only ingredient) and seaweed snacks. 


SO -- you are all probably forum aficionados -- would you say you quite often come across people that haven't gotten to weight loss or boundless energy on Day 17, but they do indeed get those lovely benefits later on?


Thanks so much for your time, thought i'd give this a try :-)





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Thank you MeadowLily, i'll believe your statement "yes to all if the above",  and am officially some percentage less discouraged!   :D


Yeah..snacking is a hard one. But I'd like for the remaining days (I may go longer than 30 days too...I want to see these proposed benefits!) to be as best they can be, so will make an effort to lessen any snacking. And decrease snacking either way, Whole30 or not!



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Hi there,


First, keep hanging in there: you're just over the half-way mark.  Read this article for a some further perspective.


On the snacks, a couple thoughts.

- The need to snack can be an indication that your earlier meals aren't big enough. For best results, you want to create meals that fit the recommended template, in sufficient portions to satiate you for 4-5 hours.


- Until you get there, if you are genuinely hungry in between meals (litmus test: you could eat something bland like steamed fish and broccoli), the recommended snack is a mini-meal containing protein, veg, and fat.

It would help to get a sense of a few more details to further help you.  Can you post 2-3 days' worth of a typical food log, including nightly hours of sleep, exercise routine, and daily water consumption?  Folks here may be able to provide suggested tweaks that can help you.


p.s. You can get notifications when people respond to your post by selecting Follow this topic in the top right, and then choosing your desired options.

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