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Introduction and starting tomorrow Dec. 27th 2014!


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Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself as I will most likely be hanging out here for the next 30. I'm excited to get going as I've tried to begin Paleo and have failed due to cheese/sweetener/cream so this looks like a good jumping off platform for me. I am an A-type and I liked the no "whiny baby" lingo, meaning the tough love approach and I have no doubt I will be able to embrace this for the next 30. The only trouble I see is the the "no sweetener" but I'm willing to set it aside. I already do not eat grains/flour/sugar so that's in the bag but the sweetener is going to be a slap of the hand thing for me and I'm willing to white knuckle the crap out of it. 


Another thing is the scale, I'm going to have my BF hide it after I wake up and weigh myself in the morning. I only want to drop 10lbs and that will put me 5 below my goal weight but I want wiggle room. I'm pretty fit and resistance train 3 days a week with limited cardio (hate cardio) and the 10lbs. is more a vanity thing than anything but it's what I want and it will make me feel good. The real goal for me here is to get my arse in Paleo in a hardcore way and this plan will no doubt do just that. 


A couple of questions if I may, where do I find a OP list of fats? I have a ton of cold pressed oils from various nuts and want to make sure I'm using the right ones. Also, should I make clarified butter ASAP? I was thinking of making some tonight and can I make it from regular butter that I already have or do I need to get some grass fed butter?


Very excited to start this and thank you in advance for any thoughts and/or suggestions. 



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Welcome! You can find most information re:Whole30 by google Whole 30 and the topic you are interested in. For example 'Whole 30 approved fats' yields this: http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-shopping-list.pdf

Health wise, you will benefit from using more saturated fats for cooking and using the cold pressed oils for cold dressings. You certainly don't have to make ghee 'ASAP', but is nice to have for cooking. For cooking, you can also use tallow from grass fed cattle, coconut oil, lard from pastured pork, bacon fat. There are no requirements to use organic and grass fed anything during the Whole30, it is, however, a more healthful choice if your budget allows.

Good luck!

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